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The Count of Monte Cristo

Last night we went out to dinner with Steven's brother Alex at Chinese Cafe (excellent Chinese food) and afterwards decided to see a movie. We went to TheCount of Monte Cristo, and let me tell you, it was incredible. It was everything a movie should be - characters you care about, beautifully shot locations, excellent dialouge, and an amazing plot. Sadly, I have never read any Dumas (I believe I started The Three Muskateers in middle school, but I don't think I finished it), but this movie makes me want to rush out and get the book. It was one of the better movies I've seen in a long time and I highly recommend it if you're looking for something to see on a Saturday night.

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First review I read about the movie. I definitely go want to see it; I love all those sword-men stories :)

.: Beatriz said on March 3, 2002 08:49 PM :: link it :.

Me too, The Three musketeers has always been one of my favorite movies :)
I was hoping to hear that this movies was good.

.: munin said on March 4, 2002 10:20 AM :: link it :.

tae ^-^

.: mamon said on July 24, 2005 10:25 PM :: link it :.

You're too early! Come back at March 3, 2002 02:55 PM to see this post.

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