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Happy Early Birthday to Me!

I had $95 in gift certificates just sitting in my account. I received an e-mail from them saying that for my birthday they were giving me a 10% off coupon. So with the coupon, the gift certificate, and the free shipping that they offer on orders over $99, I went and bought myself a little birthday gift. I'm getting: Nightmare at 20,000 Feet : Horror Stories by Richard Matheson, Winter's Heart (The Wheel of Time Series, Book 9) by Robert Jordan, The Birdcage on DVD, Dave on DVD, The America President on DVD, Say Anything... on DVD, The Terminator (Special Edition) on DVD, and Groundhog Day (Special Edition) on DVD. Grand total charged to my credit card: $12.42. Happy birthday to me! :-)

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I really need to buy myself The American President - I *love* that movie so much - I get all happy every time it comes on :)

.: kristine said on March 11, 2002 12:50 PM :: link it :.

You're too early! Come back at March 10, 2002 08:20 PM to see this post.

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