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Thursday Threesome

I found a new weekly thing to add to the blog: Deb's Thursday Threesome.

Onesome. Bed. You spend a few hours a night there, so tell us about your bed - size, favorite sheets, comforter...oh, and do you make it or leave it unmade? We have a king size rake bed from Kincaid's Ducks Unlimited collection with a pillow-top matress. It is absolutely the most comfortable bed in the world. We have plain white sheets and a synthetic down comforter. It's a great wonderful bed which I never make. :-)

Twosome. Bath. OK. How much time does it take you to get "ready" on the average day - from first step into the bathroom to stepping out fully dressed. I am Ms. Speedy in the morning. I shower at night since my hair is so long and takes forever to dry. It takes me between twenty and thirty minutes to put on make-up, get dressed, and brush my hair.

Threesome. Beyond. What is your favorite room / area of your home? Tell us all about it. That would have to be my computer room. I have an awesome desk with my computer and kick-ass speakers so I can listen to music. We've also got a really comfortable leather chair with ottoman and a tv. Great room.

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Thanks for joining us on the Thursday Threesome!!

.: Deb said on March 29, 2002 08:25 AM :: link it :.

You're too early! Come back at March 28, 2002 10:01 PM to see this post.

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