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Eight From The Eighties

Continuing the "better late than never" theme, here's Deb's Eight From The Eighties.

1) Do you like Mondays? Tell me why. Hell no. I hate Mondays. The weekends are never long enough and now that our two-step lessons have been moved to Monday night I feel even more tired. Mondays are evil.

2) Are you footloose? I would say so. We take dance lessons and two-step and polka quite regularly. Plus, I just love to shake my booty. I dance in my chair listening to music, in the car, wherever. Love dancing!

3) Are you a smooth criminal? Probably not. The worse thing I ever did was loan my jacket to some kids when I was in high school so they could shoplift some candy and stuff. It had inside pockets, so it was good for that kind of thing.

4) When you call me, you can call me... People ask me this all the time and I go by either Kymberlie or Kym, I'm not super particular. I do prefer to be called Kymberlie, though, and since only about two of my friends call me by my full name, I always get a little tingle of happiness to be addressed this way. Maybe if everyone called me Kymberlie all the time it wouldn't seem as special.

5) Do you talk to strangers? Yep. I like to chat and will talk to strangers when standing in line or things like that. I wouldn't approach someone, though, and just strike up a conversation about nothing in particular.

6) Have you ever had a one night love affair? Nope. Never.

7) What sad songs make you cry? I am a total sap and cry over tons of songs. There are too many to list though "Bells For Her," "Winter," "Cooling," and "Cloud on My Tounge" by Tori Amos make me cry almost every time.

8) Don't say a prayer for me now, save it til'... all the work that we're supposed to launch this week actually launches. No more 2:00 AM work days!

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