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Playing Catch-Up

This past weekend, was pretty busy, so, like usual on the weekend, I didn't get any blogging in. Let's see if I can't get everyone up to spend.

Saturday I slept all day (as I prone to do) and after getting up, Steven and I drove to The Big Fish Store to see if they had any fish that had to come live with us. They had some nice looking blue orandas, but since they were $20 and the cute calico orandas at PetSmart were only $10, we decided to not get any fish from them now. They're getting more in a few weeks, so we'll go check them out again then. We went by the PetSmart by my office and got the newest member of our fish family - a cute calico oranda. He's got a beautiful body shape and nice long fins. We didn't do much else except go to The Outback Steakhouse for dinner. (Wallhalla Pasta and lobster. Yummy!)

Sunday my mom called and woke me up around 1:30 to see if we wanted to go have lunch with her, my dad, my brother, and two of my aunts, so Steven and I got ready and met them at a little diner for lunch. The food was okay, but having lunch with everyone was nice. After that we came home, I messed around on the computer, and then we went to Steven's parents' house for dinner with his parents and some old family friends. We had a nice time and then came home, watched Enterprise and went to bed.

I hope everyone had a nice Easter (if you celebrate it) or a nice weekend if you don't. It's Monday, so back to the grindstone.

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