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Saturday Scruples

Continuing my habit of posting late on the weekend, here's Marsha's Saturday Scruples.

1. the only available spot in the parking lot is reserved for the handicapped. you are in a hurry and won't be very long. do you park there? No. Never. I never park in handicap spaces. Once, Steven and I had to run to the office we both worked at really late at night and I got on him for parking in the handicap space even though it was midnight and we were the only people there.

2. you have been attending classes all year. an acquaintance, who rarely shows up, asks to photocopy your notes. do you consent? Well, I was always the person that did this in college, so I would. I never went to class, so I would help someone out since others did it for me.

3. you have a struggling young company. you have to choose between two equal candidates for a job, a man and a woman. The woman will work for $2000 per year less than the man. do you hire her for that reason? If she's got on her resume or told me that she would work for less, I would say yes. Hopefully, we could stop struggling and then I would up her salary.

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