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Monday Mission 2.14

Here's PromoGuy's Monday Mission 2.14:

1. When was the last time your computer crashed? What happened?
My computer at home is a complete piece of shit and crashed probably ten times yesterday alone. The last time it crashed I was playing Insaniquarium and had bought one piece of egg and almost had enough money to buy another piece. Three pieces and I would have had a new pet in my tank.

2. Recommend a movie (new or old) for us to watch.
The last time I went to the movies I saw a preview for The Bourne Identity remake with Matt Damon and Franka Potente. Franka Potente was in the excellent German film Run Lola Run that not too many people have seen. It's incredible with a great techno soundtrack that I bought the day after watching it. The movie is an excellent illustration of how a different path (catch the train, don't catch the train, etc.) can lead to a whole different life. Try this one out if you're looking for a hyper kinetic romp.

3. When was the last time someone told you that you were attractive (and you actually believed them)?
I guess the last person that really made it known was Steven's buddy who got totally drunk at New Year's and told me how hot I was. He was really pissed, but I am positive he really meant it. Kind of flattering too, because he's an extremely attractive guy.

4. Do you like to sleep in or wake up with the chickens?
Sleep in! Waking up early is evil. Evil, I say! On the weekends I don't get up EVER until after 2:00 in the afternoon or later.

5. Are you gay, straight or bi? Ever been tempted to go the other way?
I'm straight and currently in a long-term relationship.

6. What will be the next computer-related purchase you will make?
As soon as I get my raise, I am buying a complete new machine. I got a new computer a little over a year ago that one of Steven's friends built. It's run like crap since I bought it and nothing seems to make it stop crashing. Never again will I buy a machine outside of a well-known store without a warranty. I'll probably get something in at least the 1.2 MgHz range with 256 RAM (what I have now). I may even buy a new nineteen inch monitor since my current one is so dark and just will not adjust right.

7. What is your role when you are in relationships? A giver, a taker, or is it an equal balance? I'm a giver big time. I am one of those people that just give love and affection completely. I buy surprise cards, I call for no reason, etc. I just love to love. :-)

BONUS: Would I lie to you?
Look into my eyes
Can't you see they're open wide
Would I lie to you baby?
Would I lie to you?

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Run Lola Run was a reall good movie, I hadn't expected it to be and was very surprised when I watched it.

.: munin said on April 8, 2002 10:10 AM :: link it :.

We're the same way (re: sleeping in). The earliest we made it up this weekend was 2 p.m. Yesterday, after being out 'til 5:30 a.m. the night before, it was almost 4 p.m. 'til we rolled out of bed! :-)

.: robyn said on April 8, 2002 01:44 PM :: link it :.

same i sleep like till 2 as well but on wekkdays i go to bed heeps late and i wake up at 5 30 for no reason and i'm sick of relationships at the moment and i'm straight definately.

.: mel said on June 11, 2004 07:26 PM :: link it :.

You're too early! Come back at April 8, 2002 10:04 AM to see this post.

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