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Let's Get Physical!

Steven went to one of the local fitness stores today and bought a StairMaster FreeClimber 4600 PT for our house. We've been talking about getting one and were planning on getting it in the fall but we finally just got tired of waiting and last week decided to bite the bullet and just buy the damn thing. I've picked up a lot of new projects to manage at work and I've been having a lot of late nights at the office. I so do not feel like going to the gym after work, but if I could come home, watch what I want to on the tv, and just stairmaster away, I would be more than happy to do that. The store threw in free shipping and told Steven that if he had a doctor recommend that he stairmaster for health reasons, that it becomes a tax-exempt item. He said go get a doctor's note and he'll refund the tax (almost $200). I am so excited! While I was laid off I had been doing a lot of stairmaster and lost about ten pounds. I've put it back on since I started working again, but I'm hoping to shed the weight once more. Exercise tip of the day: if you do aerobics before eating or drinking anything, you burn stored fat instead of the calories you consumed during the day. Stairmastering for twenty minutes first thing in the day is about equal to stairmastering for forty minutes at night. I'm planning on using the StairMaster now first thing on the weekend to help shed a few extra calories. Yeah! This has totally made my day!

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