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Enjoying the Day

Christine and I went to James Coney Island for lunch today (Yummy!) and after we got done eating we decided to go Wal-Marting. Steven and I leave in ten days for our annual trip to Las Vegas (I can't wait!), but we have no luggage of our own. We always borrow from our parents, which bugs the crap out of me, so I figured it's high time we got our own. While looking for luggage (and finding a nice five piece set for $80), Christine and I found flowers for our desks at work (we actually sit right next to each other and share a common desk area). I bought twenty beautiful Lipstick roses for $15 and she bought some lovely daises. Our desks look so nice! I also got Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure on DVD for just under $10 and we bought a new beta fish since Christine's fish Pixel looks like he is getting ready to move on to the great fishbowl in the sky. All in all, we had a nice lunch and fun shopping. Mikey, I think Christine may even have some pictures to post! :-)

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Yeah, not exactly "our desks" as it is "our uni-desk zone". But looking at YOU all day out of the corner of my eye is just as beautiful as having flowers here. Awwwww...

.: Christine said on April 11, 2002 04:53 PM :: link it :.

Ok, she just read that (because I told her to) and snorted as she laughed. Hmmm... I may have to rethink that.

.: Christine said on April 11, 2002 04:54 PM :: link it :.

*warm smile* funny... [Cristine's last comment]
So that's is what they are called! I always knew I liked them but I could never recall what those roses were named.

.: munin said on April 11, 2002 06:35 PM :: link it :.

You're too early! Come back at April 11, 2002 03:19 PM to see this post.

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