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Saturday Scruples

Time for Marsha's Saturday Scruples (on time for once)!

1. a close friend will be interviewed for a job with your employer. he asks you for a list of the questions in advance. do you supply it? Unless I think working with them (for some reason) would be bad for our relationship and if I could get the questions, definitely.

2. you work for an optical store. jimmy has broken his glasses and his parents are agonizing over the price of replacements. a competitor is selling identical glasses for half-price. do you send jimmy's parents there? Yes, yes, yes. I would try and get the boss to match the price first, though.

3. you are a reporter. the family of a murder victim has refused your requests for picture and interview. your editor demands that you keep calling them. do you? No. That's terrible. If I worked for someone who was like that, I would have to find another job.

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