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Monday Mission 2.15

Here's PromoGuy's Monday Mission 2.15:

1. What caused your last case of psuedo-road rage?
I have psuedo-road rage every time I get in the car it seems. Right by my office is 249, a major freeway. You can turn under the overpass from two different lanes. You have a choice of four lanes to turn into. I think that it's first lane to the first two lanes, second lane into the last two lanes. I'm in lane two and this huge-ass SUV (like there's any other kind) is in lane one. We both turn under the overpass and the SUV turns into the third lane, completely ignoring the fact that I'm there at all. I hate people who drive their big-ass vehicles like they are the only people on the road.

2. Tell me about one of your favorite television shows that was cancelled (past or present).
Actually, tonight Once and Again is having its series finale after being on the air for three years. I think this show has some of the best writing that I've ever seen allowing you to really feel like you know the characters and that they're real. I will truly miss this show and shame on ABC for cancelling a quality program like this but keeping trash tv like The Bachelor on the air.

3. Have you ever gone online and pretended to be someone else? What's the story there?
Back when my ex, Satan (as I refer to him), and I broke up, I went to a chatroom I knew he frequented to see what was going on with him. He was talking about moving to Vegas or something like that, so I asked him what was there that would make him want to move. Unfortunately, I didn't realize that the site tracked where you were from, so he was able to figure out it was me. We talked for a bit (this is before he left me with a ton of bills and became Satan full-fledged) and then he signed off. He then signed back on and talked to me pretending to be someone else as I poured my heart out about how I wanted him back, couldn't live without him, blah blah blah. Took me a little while to figure out it was him. Embarrassing.

4. What was (is) one of your favorite Children's books?
There are too many to name, but A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'Engle along with Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, and Blubber come to mind.

5. Can you recommend a CD (tape or otherwise) for me to listen to on the drive home?
I'm currently listening to my copy of the Run Lola Run soundtrack. If you like techno music, it's a winner. I love putting the top down on my Miata and driving with this one.

6. What is your online nickname and what is the story behind how you selected it?
I'm kind of boring, I guess. I've always just used Kymberlie for everything I do. I love my name and how I spell it, so I use it for all my online activities.

7. Ever been bitten or stung before (snake, wasp, dog, etc)? Nipped by my parents' silky terrier and I think stung once by a wasp, but that's about it.

BONUS: Does anybody love anybody anyway?
I love you whether or not you love me
I love you even if you think that I don't
Sometimes I find you doubt my love for you, but I don't mind
Why should I mind, Why should I mind

I have Howard Jones' greatest hits CD and listen to it all the time. :-)

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Oh crap! You mean I missed the finale of Once and Again. Well shit! That just ... sucks. You know what sucks even more? They have all these crappy ass tv shows that have been on for years and show no signs of ever ending and when a great show comes along, it ends in a short time period. It's no wonder I watch so very little television. I'd stay pissed off all the time if I watched it any more than I do. Blech.

.: Lee said on April 15, 2002 10:17 PM :: link it :.

Yep - I know that 249 exit (I live in NW Houston)... and L'Engle was my favorite childhood author! My husband got me the whole Wrinkle in Time series for Xmas and I hope to re-read it soon.

.: cybertoad said on April 16, 2002 10:31 AM :: link it :.

You're too early! Come back at April 15, 2002 05:59 PM to see this post.

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