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Once and Again No Longer

I just watched the finale of Once and Again and it was incredible, just like all the episodes before it. I am so sad to see this amazing piece of television get cancelled. This show made you believe that these people were real. I keep hoping that maybe the new Oxygen Network or that Lifetime will pick it up. Does anyone know what sacrifices the tv gods like best? I am going to be so heartbroken with this show ending and The X-Files ending as well, though in the case The X-Files I believe it's time to let that one go. If you're so inclined, cross your fingers and hope that Once and Again comes back.

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I loved, loved, loved O&A the entire time it was on. However, last nights finale left me really upset. I hated how Lily was so whiny and argh - she pissed me off. A job is nothing to throw a marriage away over. And then Jake marrying Tiffany. And Tiffany sat there before the wedding and asked Lily of all people if she could trust Jake and what she should do. Hello! McFly - he cheated on Lily with you - how can you trust him?

I loved this show and I'm so sorry to see it go too. I'm so bummed.

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You're too early! Come back at April 15, 2002 11:55 PM to see this post.

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