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Rub Me, Damn It!

I made an appointment with the beauty college by my gym for an intern massage about two weeks ago for this afternoon. Yesterday I got a call from them asking me if I could move my appointment up to 11:30 (it was supposed to be at 3:30). I told them I had actually planned on taking the afternoon off from work so I couldn't do that. They said it would be no problem and that they would see me tomorrow. I get a call today around noon from the beauty college. It seems the internist had a "family emergency" and wouldn't be able to make the appointment and they had no one else who could give it. Considering she called me yesterday to try and change the time, I doubt seriously that she had an unrelated family emergency this afternoon. I ended up making an appointment with a local day spa since I have so much tension in my neck and back and want to be completely relaxed when we leave on Sunday. It's going to cost me an extra $40, but Christine was kind enough to buy me lunch, so since I saved money there, I saw screw it, I'm going to get on anyway. :-) I'll be leaving work pretty soon, so the next time I post, I'll be one relaxed neurotic fish!

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You're too early! Come back at April 19, 2002 03:07 PM to see this post.

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