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Saturday Scruples

Time for Marsha's Saturday Scruples!

1. as a famous athlete, you are offered $100 000 to endorse a product you wouldn't use. do you endorse it? Definitely, unless it's something that I am morally against like maybe cigarettes.

2. a friend who is a strict vegetarian is coming for dinner. you're feeling proud of your bean stew until you remember that you used a beef stock. do you keep quiet and serve the dish? No, I would tell them. Everyone else can eat it and let me know how fabulous it is. Of course I can't make anything more complex than Pop-Tarts, so this will never happen. :-)

3. on an airplane, an old man asks if you will change seats with his wife so they can sit together. you came early to get a window and don't like his wife's location. do you move? Probably. It would be nice to stay in the seat I want, but if I had to sit apart from Steven I would hope I could talk someone into trading seats with me, so I would do it for others. Unless it was near an obnoxious child. Then no way in hell.

.: Posted April 20, 2002 05:12 AM in Saturday Scruples, ";print substr($entry_cats, 0, -2); ?> :.



thanks for playing. you must be tired when you type this out - for the last 2 weeks you've written marsh'a rather than marsha's. it's cute. but strange!


.: marsha said on April 20, 2002 10:39 AM :: link it :.

Would you believe it's because I just cut and paste that opening line every time? :) It's fixed now.

.: Kymberlie R. McGuire said on April 20, 2002 11:38 PM :: link it :.

You're too early! Come back at April 20, 2002 05:12 AM to see this post.

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