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So, I've Decided To Be

Thanks to the fabulous Evil Plan Generator, I have concocted my very own evil plan to take over the world!

Congratulations on being the creator of a new Evil Plan™!

Your objective is simple: World Domination.

Your motive is a little bit more complex: Evil - It's my nature

Stage One
To begin your plan, you must first seduce a rich and powerful ceo. This will cause the world to sit up and take notice, stunned by your arrival. Who is this unholy menace? Where did they come from? And why do they look so good in classic black?

Stage Two
Next, you will seize control of Fort Knox. This will cause countless hordes of computer programmers to flock to you, begging to do your every bidding. Your name will become synonymous with sheer dementedness, as lesser men whisper your name in terror.

Stage Three
Finally, you will activate your plague of doom, bringing about the dead rising from the grave. This will all be done from a Underground Secret Headquarters of Doom, an excellent choice if we might say.

These three deeds will herald the end, and the citizens of this planet will have no choice but to elect you their new god.

Trust us, it'll all come together in the end.

(Link courtesy of Robyn)

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You're too early! Come back at April 29, 2002 10:01 AM to see this post.

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