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Six Feet Under

Steven and I watched the season finale tonight of Six Feet Under and all I can say is that show is absolutely incredible. I don't want to give anything away for those who haven't seen it yet, so only read the rest of the post if you don't mind spoilers.

The episode was so emotional that I found myself crying several times. When Aaron died and Nate was telling him to just let go, I felt like I had quit breathing and all I could do was just watch and cry. It really made me think about death and the afterlife and what, if anything, is waiting for us. I was so pissed off at that fuckhead of a doctor who was absolutely indifferent to Nate when he first found out about the AVM and now is blaming him for not doing anything about it. If I would have been in Nate's shoes I probably would have gotten a second opinion, but I definitely feel that the doctor is to blame on letting the disease progress so far. I'm almost starting to be worried about the relationship between Keith and David. I've wanted them to get together since the show started, but I think they've got a weird co-dependency thing going on and I'm not sure if they should stay together. I haven't liked what Brenda's character has been come this season and I'm not sure where the hell she's going off to. I was happy that they made Rico a partner. I've always liked him, but ever since they showed how he got into his line of work, my respect for him has increased even more. At the end of the episode when Nate was looking into the bus, I kept expecting his breathing (the background noise) to stop. I hope he comes through it okay. Despite being a little fucked-up, I've always liked him.

This show is so unflinching in its dealings with death and life that it always amazes me how well-written and human it is. I don't know if I can wait until next season to find out what happens next!

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