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I Have (INTJ) Personality, Baby!

I took the BLOGinality test to determine my weblogger personality type that the ever-talented Kristine created and these were the results:

My Bloginality is INTJ!!!

As an INTJ, you are Introverted, iNtuitive, Thinking, Judging. This makes your primary focus on Introverted Thinking with an Extraverted Intution.

This is defined as a NT personality, which is part of Carl Jung's Rational (Knowledge Seeking) type, and more specifically the Mastermind or Scientist.

You aren't as openly affectionate as some of you NT counterparts, and this may cause other bloggers to assume you aren't as friendly. Your ideas and actual applications for these ideas are brilliant, however, and you might be more likely to create something masterful on your journal.

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I knew you'd enjoy taking the test, girlie!! :) I knew that even if I only had 2 people who took it, one would be you and one would be me ;)

.: kristine said on June 5, 2002 10:42 AM :: link it :.

You're too early! Come back at June 5, 2002 10:37 AM to see this post.

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