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Eight From The Eighties

Deb's Eight From The Eighties were posted today, so here's my take on them. :-)

1) Do you be illin'? Not recently, except for a minor cold back in May that nagged me for a week.

2) Who's simply the best? Better than all the rest? Steven. He is wonderful and I am glad every day that we have each other. :-)

3) Do you want to party all the time, party all the time, party all the time? I used to, but come the weekend, I mostly want to sit home, drink raspberry piña coladas, and do nothing.

4) Are you a maniac? About some things, yes.

5) Do you believe in spirits in the material world? I do. I think there is a whole world that exists that we aren't aware of except for certain times.

6) I got my mind set on... my upcoming business trip to a very chic resort and the spa treatments we get!

7) Do you love dirty laundry? The gossipy kind - yes. The literal kind - no way.

8) Say, say, say what you want. My domino luck this weekend sucks! My rating has plummeted.

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