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Hassellhoff - The Video!

(I posted this over at PromoGuy's, but I thought I'd post it here too.)

Last week Ernie posted a link to David Hasselhoff's video of Hooked on a Feeling. For your entertainment, I thought I would give a running commentary of the video Mystery Science Theater 3000 style (be sure to watch it so you know what I'm talking about).

Okay, I get that he's dressing up like different cultures, but why does he have a mask on with his Eskimo suit? Is he trying to be Zorro the Eskimo?

Oh, baby! Make some more of the sincere rock star faces!

When he's in his Aussie outfit bouncing around, that feather looks like arrow out of his head. He must be a wild and crazy guy!

What's up with the dogs all over the place? Are they dauchsands? Are they his?

Speaking of weird background things, wtf are those little girls dressed up as angels supposed to add to the video?

Okay, he looks like a tool bouncing up and down.

There's those dogs again.

Wow! He obviously never needs a stuntman since he can do motorcycle tricks!

What the hell kind of mask is that? Is he an owl? That's just creepy!

Okay, earlier in the video he was flapping his "wings" to fly, but now he's flying like Superman (in other words, just sticking his arms straight out).

Sexy Eskimo! Shake those hips, big daddy!

Lucky us! Now that he's in the background and the foreground, we get two Davids for the price of one!

Yummy! Raw fish!

I hope you enjoyed today's Neurotic Fishbowl version of Video MST3K. Keep Circulating The Tapes!

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