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Monday Mission 2.23

Here's PromoGuy's Monday Mission 2.23:

1. Do you have a side of the bed on which you prefer to sleep? Do you sleep on that side even when traveling or does it matter?
I tend to sleep on the (if you're laying in the bed) right side of the bed. I like to lay on my right side and I love to be spooned, so I usually sleep on that side even when we travel.

2. What is your favorite "Theme Park?" How come and when was the last time you were there?
I love Six Flags Astroworld and had a season pass all through middle school and high school. The last time I was there was last Halloween. Steven and I went, but he suffers from vertigo, so he only rode a few of the rides with me.

3. What is your most and least favorite thing about staying in hotels?
There are never enough pillows and they're too small.

4. Did you ever take family vacations that required looooooong car rides? Were siblings involved ("Stop touching me! Don't cross this line!)? Were the trips just unbearable or did you make up some "car ride games" to pass the time?
We used to look for Volkswagon bugs, though we never did the slug bug game. There was a giant electronic sign on the way to my grandparents' house, so we would also try and be the first to spot the sign.

5. With all the drilled peep-holes and spy-cams we hear about on the news, have you ever felt self-conscious about taking off your clothes in a hotel bathroom? Has wondering if someone was on the other side of that mirror on the wall above the dresser made you think twice about "gettin' busy?"
No, not really. We only stay in a hotel about once a year (The Bellagio in Vegas) and it's the furthest thing from my mind. Thanks for giving me something to be paranoid about! ;-)

6. Describe the most romantic vacation you have ever taken or if that does not apply ;) (), tell me about the worst vacation you have ever taken.
Probably the first time Steven and I went to Vegas together. I'd never been on a real vacation before, so that made it special. Plus Steven was more romantic and lovey-dovey than he'd ever been (we'd been dating maybe six months or so at the time).

7. (continued) After a full tummy and four days of sleep, I'd say I've never felt better. Since it is nearly noon, how about you come over and we'll hang out on the deck. I have a pool, hot tub and lotsa eats and drink. But feel free to bring whatever else you think we need! How should we spend this fine afternoon at the pool?
Steven needs to make us raspberry piña coladas and we need to bring lots of tunes. How about you bring the mp3 player and I'll bring a couple of thousand mp3s?

BONUS: Have you got it, do you get it, if so, how often?
I've got it, I get it, but never often enough. ;-)

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