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Monday Mission 2.25

Here's PromoGuy's Monday Mission 2.25:

1. Do you wear glasses/contact lenses? If so would you consider going through Lasik surgery? (Or if you already have, please tell us about it)
I wear contact lenses for the majority of the time and glasses at night or on the weekends around the house. I will have Lasik (or some similar surgery) by the time I am thirty. I hate wearing contact lenses and would love to wake up and be able to see.

2. Did you ever have to wear braces? How are your teeth? (any cavities, any pulled teeth, root canals, etc.)
I've never worn braces, though I think I may have to in the future. My bottom teeth are a little crooked, so I am planning on visiting a dentist this year to see about getting them straightened and whitened. I have about eight fillings.

3. What (if any) recent movies have moved you emotionally? Which one and how so?
Lately, I can't really think of any that have. That's sad, huh?

4. I visited my dear Mema in the managed care facility Sunday and while she is doing well, I was sad for her. Living out your final days/years someplace like that seems so lonely to me. Would you rather live the remainder of your golden years in a rest home, or pass away before it came to that?
Definitely pass away.

5. Sometimes, but not nearly often enough, I will just stop and marvel at the amazing planet on which we live. The eco-system, life and death, nature, the perfect balance that keeps us alive, the universe, it can all be mind-boggling if you let your mind get carried away. What natural creation or phenomenon just flat-out leaves you with a sense of wonder?
A few weeks ago I got to see a double rainbow. It was so beautiful. I also love how sunlight looks coming through clouds. It always makes me think of the divine.

6. Have you ever been in a fist fight or a situation where you had to get physically violent with someone else? How did that come about? Any consequences?
Aside from stuff with my brother when I was younger, not really.

7. Many times I look back in hindsight and think of how I should have handled a situation. Are there any recent happenings that you wish you would have handled differently? What happened and what do you wish you'd done?
Nothing that really comes to mind recently that I wish I would have done differently.

BONUS: How far away can you go, and still be dancing with me?
You know, this sounds really perverse.

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Mine are up too.

.: Anne said on June 24, 2002 06:53 PM :: link it :.

You're too early! Come back at June 24, 2002 04:13 PM to see this post.

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