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Thursday Thumb-Twiddler

It's time for Dave's Thursday Thumb-Twiddler!

1. Would you rather die peacefully among friends at 50, or painfully and alone at 80? Assume that most of those thirty years would be "good" ones. That's kind of tough. Assuming that most of the thirty years in between would be good, I would say at 80.

2. Your teen arrives home one night with a big dent in his car fender. You find out the next day there was a hit-and-run in the neighborhood. Would you try to find out if your kid was involved? If you found out s/he was, would you notify the authorities? What if there was a death from the hit-and-run? I think I would have to. Otherwise the possibility that they were involved would hang over everything else for the rest of your life. Reporting them to the police, however, would be very difficult to do. I guess I might, though.

3. What would the title of your autobiography be (not including your name)? Easy. The Neurotic Fishbowl That Is My Life.

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