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Saturday Scruples

Time for Phoxxe's Saturday Scruples!

1. A land settlement gives First nation people thousands of square miles and millions of dollars. Someone has a petition opposing any giveaway. Do you sign it? Probably not. Restitutions are not necessarily a bad thing. I guess it would depend on the terms of the settlement.

2. At the beginning of a job interview the owner remarks: "You're the first white face I've seen all day." Later when you're offered the job, do you take it? I would take the job if I was incredibly broke, out of work, and needed the money, but I would be looking for another one while I worked there. If I wasn't broke and out of work, I wouldn't take it and I would probably report the guy. I could never work for someone who's a racist.

3. You find a crisp $20 folded on the floor of a small store. Two other customers are in the store. Do you pocket the bill? Probably. No idea how long it's been there and if those two people even dropped it. If one of them started looking around for something, though, I would see if it was the money and give it to them if it was.

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