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Poker Rant

Just ignore this if you don't know the terminology:

Argh! How can you call with third pair all the way down to catch a card on the river? How can you call with NOTHING on the flop to catch runner runner for a flush? How can you be so stupid and so lucky? Die, you idiot fucking players, die!

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No shit, online poker is freakin rediculouse. I'm coming off of 15 consecutive bad beats which knocked me out of tournaments, the likes of my 10 10 vrs 9 9. Preflop i make a reasonable raise, this loose moron goes all in. He just throws it in and everyone folds to me. I've seen him do this on 7s and any ace before, so I make the call. I've got him dominated, pot's as good as mine...right? WRONG ! 9 on the turn gives him the win. ANY other cards won me the pot, only ONE card could win for him... no problem. This same situation happened 3 of the beats i had. Others inclucded clasic AK suited undone by A6, all-in on the flop with a pair of aces, no straight no flush he gets a 6 for the win. ONE CARD could help. I've lost so many 15-to-1 Encounters I can't even keep track of em anymore. How do people call these? And HOW ... HOW do they actually win?
I should love these people, right? These are the suckers, the sitting ducks we all read about and make a profit from, they can't possibly be this lucky consistantly. Well let me tell you friend, Luck is REAL. I can tell you that from the other end of it, my luck is so bad that i can lose with any two hand /flop combination out there, and I've done it. I bet the odds and i CONSISTANTLY get screwed. Theres no payout over time, just eventual bad beats that screw everything. In real life this is not NEARLY so bad and another part of the problem undoubtedly is that I play at the micro-limit levels. I dont live near a casino and I'm too poor to go to one so I guess I'll never get a bank roll. So long, dreams of poker stardom.

.: Mine said on July 9, 2005 02:32 PM :: link it :.

You're too early! Come back at August 19, 2002 09:45 PM to see this post.

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