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Missed It! 2:00 - 3:00 pm

I just realized that I missed Tivoing this week's episode of 24. Anyone have it and last week's Alias? I'd be more than happy to pay postage.

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Don't ya just love Tivo? I have been in Europe for 2 weeks and should have the Alias episode Tivoed. My wife watches Alias, so I'm not sure what date it is actually on. Let me know the date of the show and I'll check...

.: Ty said on December 18, 2002 08:55 PM :: link it :.

funny, i just looked this up today for my husband -- this week's "24" will be replayed on F/X on 12/23 at 11pm (EST) and 12/24 at 5pm (EST). hope this helps! :)

ps: i think ABC Family replays Alias, but i'm not sure when.

.: susannah said on December 18, 2002 09:06 PM :: link it :.

You're too early! Come back at December 18, 2002 08:43 PM to see this post.

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