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The Nicest Thing

I play in quite a few poker tournaments over at Paradise Poker. They run promotions on and off, but I've never been able to win one.

The one they're running right now is from midnight until 4:00 a.m., approximately every ten minutes, they have a Happy Hour game. The winner of the hand gets $100 and everyone else gets $10. We were down to four people and my table gets dealt a Happy Hour hand. The chip leader bets $200, the guy behind him raises all in with another $150, and I call on the button since I've got small suited cards. The other player calls all in too. The flop comes 7-7-K. The chip leader bets and I have to fold. The turn and the river I can't remember except they were both clubs. Everyone shows and the chip leader hit runner runner clubs to catch a flush. He knocks the other two players out guaranteeing me a second place finish in addition to the $10 I just won for being in the hand. I jokingly asked him if I got to win the tournament now ($15 for second and $25 for first) and he said yes. Despite having a $4,000 lead on me, he folded every hand and let me win.

I ended up $35 up for the game, but I was so happy that the other player was so nice. Color me happy!

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