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Cock a doodle doo

This is a guest post by Nicole while Kymberlie is on vacation...

I have to say -- I'm a little worried about the recent slew of penis whackings in the news. Have a fight with your wife, hack your jewels off. Feel depressed, slice the schweaty weiner up. I understand that the carving of the trouser snake is a symbolic gesture, but can't we find a better symbolic gesture?

It's giving me the willies.

Today's tragic tale of genital woe comes to us from Kenya. Explain to me the rational thought behind slicing off your weewee because your cheating wife won't give you a divorce. Who wins in that situation?

What I really want to know is this -- are these copycat crimes of stupidity, or is there just this global trend in trying to solve one's problems by cutting off the unit? Did the first guy who said, "Hey, I'm mad at you. Wait! I'll prove it by taking a machete to my johnson!" create a shockwave around the male world, putting the seed of idiocy into their collective heads?

And you might notice that it's only men who disfigure their private parts. You don't see women running around with hatchets trying to mutilate their labia or clitoris. A woman might run at a penis with a knife, but I would like to think we're way too smart to try anything stupid with our own equipment.

And today's random thought for the day brought to you by the letter "P."

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Well, I cannot say that *I've* noticed a huge slew of peepee whackings, but you are right! IT IS WEIRD!

Oh, as an aside, in some cultures women are mutilated genitally. Usually for one of these 2 reasons:
1.) They are "not allowed" to receive pleasure from sex.
2.) It's just a "cultural" thing.

I cannot remember how I know this, but I am sure if you google it, you'll see plenty of references.

It's a tragic world out there. Yes Ma'am.

.: Kimberly (guestblogger) said on May 12, 2003 07:53 AM :: link it :.

Hmm I don't understand this man's mentality at all, which just shows me that women are way smarter than men. lol

.: Martie said on May 12, 2003 03:09 PM :: link it :.

You're too early! Come back at May 12, 2003 06:55 AM to see this post.

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