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Wouldn't You Like to be a BXer Too?

Over the past two days I have been busy scrounging the local thrift stores for books. As a result, my BookCrossing Bookshelf has a ton of books available for trades or RABCKs (Random Acts of BookCrossing Kindness - where someone sends you a book and asks for nothing in return).

Since I've become really active in the last month or so, I've had literally dozens of books come my way out of the kindness of other people's hearts. I've done my own RABCKs over there, but now I want to try and get others involved.

Here's the deal. The first three people who register at BookCrossing will get a book from my shelf (any of the ones with an @ symbol in front of it; sort my shelf alphabetically to find them easily) along with a special gift.

Once you've registered send me a PM (Private Message) from the site with a note saying you saw this post, the book you want, and your address. All I ask is that you read the book in a timely manner and then either release it into the wild (leave it somewhere) or pass it on to another BookCrosser.

I know I'm probably be a little rabid about the BookCrossing thing, but it's such a great program. I've encouraged people to read my whole life, so I can't help but be annoying about this.

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*encouraging from the pews* preach it sistah! spread the love!

*wishing she could sign up again, just to make it exciting for kymberlie* I registered (referring you) long ago... and have been just as addicted.

you should check out the last few released, ├╝ber fun stuff!

.: amancay said on September 5, 2003 01:27 PM :: link it :.

I joined! Thanks for the reminder. How do I make you a friend? I am glacierlily. :)

.: Rori said on September 5, 2003 04:45 PM :: link it :.

I've actually been a BookCrossing member for a really long time, since the earlier days of the site. I forgot about it! It's developed a lot since I was last there. Thanks for spurring me to get back to it.

.: Meredith said on September 6, 2003 12:51 PM :: link it :.

I promise I will mail In Her Shoes tomorrow morning. Didn't have enough time this morning before work. :) I've also started reading Innocents, so I hope to get that one out to you ASAP.

.: Rayne said on September 8, 2003 04:46 PM :: link it :.

Ok! Ok! I registered! :) (Was I one of the first two?) Now I just have to figure out how to do it all. I can't wait! Oh - I made sure that you were referenced when I signed up!

.: Christine said on September 10, 2003 09:14 AM :: link it :.

Help. I'm so lost. I need slow, clear, simple instructions on this Book Crossing thing. For example, I would *love* to read "Sphere" by Micheal Crichton which is on your @ list. How do I tell you that? What do I do?

Now what? Help! :)

.: Christine said on September 10, 2003 09:27 AM :: link it :.

You're too early! Come back at September 5, 2003 02:22 AM to see this post.

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