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Project Blog's Gold Box

I haven't posted the items in my Gold Box in quite some time, so here's the ones from today.

.: Tanita BF 578 Family Scale Plus Body Fat Monitor with Glass Base - I always love cool looking scales like this though I have no desire to see how much body fat I have right now.

.: Tanita BF679 Duo Scale Plus Body Fat Monitor - I guess they figured maybe a cheaper scale might work since I passed on the first one, but they're wrong.

.: Remington WDF-6000 Smooth & Silky Ultra Womens Shaver-Rechargeable - I must admit that I mulled this one over. Ever since I had to get off of birth control pills due to that pesky pulmonary embolism, I've noticed that it's harder to get a close shave on my legs (I'm guessing due to the fact that I have less estrogen). Since I don't have a jo, though, at $53.99 I'm just going to have to pass. Maybe some day in the future.

.: Nesco 4816-47-30 6-Quart Roaster Oven with Nonstick Cookwell, Millennium Silver - guess I need to learn how to cook before I invest in something like this.

.: Visioneer One Touch 9000 USB Scanner - very cool looking scanner at a really cheap price. Of course, I have a scanner now that I don't use, so not something I really need.

.: Black & Decker G48TD Grill and Waffle Baker - I won a really cool waffle maker over a year ago that I have yet to use, so going to pass on this too.

.: Linksys USBHUB4C ProConnect Compact USB 4-Port Hub - I've got no need for this right now though that's a hell of a sell price. Pass.

.: Freshwater Cultured Pearl 7.0-7.5mm Pendant w/ Diamond (.05ct tw) on 14k Yellow Gold Chain, 18" - not a big fan of pearl jewelry, the only exception being a black pearl and pink stone bracelet that I bought from Sibling Rivalry. Pass.

.: KitchenAid KTT340WH 2-Slice, Two-Slot Digital Toaster with Bagel and Warm Functions, White - I don't need a toaster, but this one in red is incredibly cool looking. Totally going to get a red toaster next time I need one.

.: Zojirushi NHS-10AW 6-Cup Rice Cooker/Steamer, Indigo Blue - again, not in need of any cooking supplies.

Nothing I needed in the Gold Box today. Maybe I'll have better luck tomorrow.

The song for this post is Calexico's "Close Behind." My old co-worker Dan used to play this on Friday afternoons. Just something about the song always makes me feel free and happy and it was the perfect way to start off the weekend.

Calexico - Close Behind (Like it? Then buy the CD.)

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