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Playing Catch Up

I've been too busy and/or too tired to really blog around here much, but here's a quick catch up, as much as my benefit as for yours, of the last few weeks:

Friday, July 1st: Marc and I went to see Land of the Dead (good zombie film, though I found myself way too distracted by what a nice suit Dennis Hopper had on; I am so weird) and then went to Zimm's for martinis. Good apple martinis, but the DJ must have thought either that everyone there was there to hear him or that there were 900 people there because, damn, he was loud. We then went to Katz's (Katz's never kloses) for food and then to Marfreless for more delicious martinis.

Saturday, July 2nd: party at Kenny and Elaine's. Lots of fun and I got to see people that I hadn't seen in a while including Pat and Hanna.

Sunday, July 3rd: poker night at Kevin and Kimberly's. Six people played and I doubled my $20 and drank apple martinis mixed by Kevin. I miss playing cards regularly.

Wednesday, July 6th: I met Bruce Campbell! I was actually really nervous to get to meet him; again, I am such a dork. We totally had a moment when he signed my book (and called me dear) and talked about how I spell my name. Okay, probably not a moment, but I made it one in the life that I lead inside my head, so it counts.

Marc and I went to Romano's (Mmmmm. Pizza.) and next to Marfreless (Mmmmm. Apple martinis made with sour apple rum instead of apple pucker.). We then met Jeff and Elizabeth back at the River Oaks Theater for Bruce's Q&A and to see The Man With The Screaming Brain.

Bruce didn't seem as personable as he did in some of the other Flickr pictures of him, so I suspect he had a bad day or something, especially since the Q&A was actually three hours later than it was supposed to be.

It was still fun and while the movie wasn't exactly great, it was still pretty cool to see in a theater filled with Bruce Campbell fans. Or maybe it was the martinis before hand. Btw, this is the best Bruce Campbell picture ever.

After the movie, we went back to Marfreless since the rumor was that Bruce was going to be there, but he didn't show. Drats!

Friday, July 8th: met Katie at her house so we could get a bite to eat before the big Technology Byte's Tenth Anniversary Party.

We went to Farrago's where I had just about the best pizza ever (crispy, but not too crispy; perfect amount of sauce with tiny chunks of tomato) and some yummy pink lemonade martinis. It was an even better dinner when Chris and Katie paid for the whole thing. They are so sweet and I love them.

Next up was Kaveh Kane's for the party. It was a lot of fun seeing Sat, Jay, Barrett, and the rest of the gang. Sat and I popped into the bar next door since Kaveh Kane's doesn't serve hard liquor and I got to try out my apple flavored cocktail sugar. Pretty good stuff, though I think I would like it more if it was of a finer grain.

The party broke up around midnight, so Sat, Kendall, and I went over to Twelve Spot. I just love the look of that place with the exposed brick and the high ceilings. Kendall left after a bit, but Sat and I sat (heh) and shot the shit since we hadn't talked for a while.

Last stop of the night was Frank's Pizza (Mmmmm. Pizza.) for some delicious food. I'm always amazed at how packed that place is at 3:00 in the morning.

Sunday, July 10th: lunch with my family at Tila's on Shepard to celebrate my aunt's birthday. Their regular margaritas weren't very good, but their raspberry ones were. The service kind of sucked, but I had the absolute best cheese quesadillas ever. They were freaking delicious. The roasted corn was also really good, but the chili pepper on it was too spicy for me.

I got home just in time to get a call from Kendall saying that she was taking her massage table to Katie's, so I headed over to her house. After a really nice massage, Kendall and I went to Sambuca for a drink.

Lara, our bartender, made the best apple martinis, so I need to talk to her to see what she did different. These two old guys kept hitting on us, so we left and went to The Flying Saucer where we had the best bacon cheese fries. The Saucer makes shitty drinks (unless you like beer), but their bacon cheese fries are to die for. We called Sat and he joined us for a while too.

Tuesday, July 12th: trivia contest night at The Flying Saucer! Sat, Jeff, Elizabeth, Amber, Melissa, girl and boy, and I played a kick ass match of trivia, leading ten other teams for most of the twenty questions. Unfortunately, we fell behind and finished only third. We won a $10 gift certificate good for next Tuesday, so I'm going to try and go back out.

We then went over to Sambuca for a drink where the talented Carol Fran was singing the blues. She was awesome. I was a little disappointed since the nice waiter who put on my tiara one time when I was there before a Tiara Happy Hour was kind of a dick and put everyone's drinks on my tab. I think I'm still owed like four martinis.

Wednesday, July 13th: The El Orbits were having their monthly show at Sambuca, so I headed back downtown. Since Technology Bytes is on at the same time, the original plan was to go to the Saucer or somewhere else with WiFi, but thanks to an unsecured network, I was actually able to connect from Sambuca's bar, listen to the show with one headphone, The El Orbits, and chat in the IRC channel at the same time, all while having a delicious apple martini. It was quite a bit like heaven.

Quite a bit like heaven, that is, until we left at 9:00 to get some food and I found a parking ticket on my window when I went to go put my laptop up. Since there were cars parked both in front of and behind me, a sign next to my car saying that parking was not permitted from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm (I parked at a little after 7:00), Katie's parked there before, and a cop that we flagged down said he wasn't sure why I got a ticket, I was pretty pissed off.

I really want to fight it, but the fine is only $35 and I'd rather not have to lose vacation time to fight something that small. As Katie said, it's a win-win for the city since they know most people will pay the ticket even if they shouldn't have gotten one because it's easier.

After a bite to eat at St. Pete's Dancing Marlin, we went back to listen to the rest of The El Orbit's show. Man, I've really missed them. Kendall picked up some admirers (I did too, but since they were out of towners and older than I'm really looking for, I pretty much danced when asked to, but didn't pay them much attention).

Kendall wanted to go to another bar after Sambuca closed at midnight, so we went upstairs to The State Bar and talked for a few more hours.

Despite the ticket, the night had still been mostly awesome, but while we were getting ready to leave Kendall, who'd had a lot to drink and always does this when she's a bit inebriated, lifted me up, stumbled on the uneven sidewalk, and fell backwards. She landed on her ass, I fell on my knees, and right onto a sharp sign outside the front door, cutting a huge gash into my arm.

It really hurt, but I didn't cry until we went back upstairs into the bar's bathroom and I saw it in the mirror. It was really bloody, a few inches long, and I started to freak out that it was going to scar.

As of right now, it still really hurts, looks incredibly gross, I have scratches and bruises on my upper arm (and on my knees where I hit the ground), but I don't think it's going to scar, or at least not too badly. It's getting lots of hydrogen peroxide and Neosporene applied, so I'm hoping for the best.

So, that's the last couple of weeks around here. Most of those night ended with me not getting home until well after 3:00 or 4:00, so is it any wonder I took tonight easy?

Natalie's birthday is being celebrated Sunday, so even if I do nothing tomorrow, I'll still be out and about. Sat and I also talked about seeing the Peter and James Duo Monday at The Continental Club and trivia is Tuesday, so looks like my wild life is never done. What I wouldn't give to own a nice little condo downtown or in midtown so I could shave at least an hour of driving off each night. Curse living in the sticks!

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Hey, we saw you at Kenny & Elaine's too, and we also haven't seen you in aaaaaaages. ;) When are you coming to Chez Tremoulet for dinner? I know, probably not as exciting as the rest of your life, but we still long for your company... *GRIN*

.: Christine said on July 19, 2005 09:41 AM :: link it :.

You're too early! Come back at July 15, 2005 11:46 PM to see this post.

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