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Free iPod Nano

Gratis just opened up their latest site for a free Apple iPod Nano.

The Nanos are awesome. They are as thin as a pencil, hold 1,000 songs, come in either classic iPod white or black, and have a color display that can display album art.

All you have to do is sign up here, complete an offer, and get some referrals for your own free Apple iPod Nano.

I've gotten three free iPods, a free television, a free Coach purse, and several PayPal payments, so this is definitely legit.

Hurry up and sign up now! These Nanos are amazing!

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Ok, fine. Fine, fine, fine. I just completed an offer (Columbia House DVDs - I woulda bought them anyway). Now, I hope I can get enough people so I can get an iPod Nano! They're cute :)

Question, and I'm only asking you because you've done this a BAZILLION times: is it normal that it doesn't show that I completed an offer right away? Because I definitely did, but it's saying I didn't. It says it takes, like 15 days which seems bizarre to me, but maybe it's just how they work, huh? :)

.: Alison said on September 9, 2005 08:17 AM :: link it :.

Gratis pissed me off ages and ages ago. I had more than the necessary referrals and they refused to grant me any of them (to spite them having show in my account for a few days, and then being deleted mysteriously).

I know you do well by them, but I think they fuck over far more people than they actually allow to get free shit.

.: Ms. Pants said on September 9, 2005 10:22 AM :: link it :.

How referrals are necessary to get the nano?

.: Joe said on September 9, 2005 05:20 PM :: link it :.

I'll have to give it a try. I would love to get an ipod of any kind these days!

.: jenn said on September 10, 2005 08:21 AM :: link it :.

You're too early! Come back at September 9, 2005 02:19 AM to see this post.

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