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Originally uploaded by Kymberlie R. McGuire.

.: Posted September 18, 2005 01:55 AM in :.

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hey! that's my cleavage! why don't I remember that? lol.

.: girl said on September 19, 2005 08:12 AM :: link it :.

I know that boob!

.: elle said on September 19, 2005 01:48 PM :: link it :.

I remember that... *grin*

.: Christine said on September 19, 2005 10:28 PM :: link it :.

Hi Kymberlie, I know what a guru you are for free stuff so I wanted to pass this offer along...
you just go there and sign up, and then take one of their beauty quizzes, and then get 10 people to do the same thing and wala! you get an ipod. no credit card required. pretty cool aye?

anyhow, I love that tattoo. I really want to get a tat, but I'm such a wuss. is it very painful?

.: becca said on September 20, 2005 09:52 AM :: link it :.

I was gonna say. That's Girl's tattoo! Heehee!

Hope you're staying safe in the wake of the evacuations!

.: Daisyhead said on September 21, 2005 05:56 PM :: link it :.

You're too early! Come back at September 18, 2005 01:55 AM to see this post.

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