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Wednesday, November 26, 2003


I was over at Put Down the Donut since I've decided the time to make excuses about my weight is over. Was I happy being fat? Hell, no. Did it suck when I couldn't fit into my shorts or jeans any more? Hell, yes. Can I lose the fifteen or twenty pounds I need to? Fuck yeah.

Anyway, while surfing along, I found Joelle's post about Winsor Pilates. We all know what a hottie she is and how much weight she's lost, so she obviously knows what she's talking about.

The whole point to this rambling is that I decided to get the four DVDs she mentioned plus two special ones for abs, butt, and thighs (my particular bad spots for sure). They're only about twenty minutes (what I used to do on the StairMaster that is now Steven's alone *sigh*), but I think these ought to be some intense workouts. It's supposed to come with a little diet plan thing too, so we'll see what it has to say.

I'll post initial thoughts and progress after they come in. It said two to three weeks for delivery, but I hope that's a high estimate. It's only six DVDs for Pete's sake. Hurry up and get here, DVDs!

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Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Diet Lemonade

So, to start off my no Coke challenge, I stopped at Chick-fil-A this morning and got a diet lemonade to drink. Man, this stuff is good!

It's got more calories than a diet Coke, but it's still a lot less than I normally have. Instead of having the 256 calories from a large Coke, I'm only having 50 calories from the same size diet lemonade.

Got to start somewhere, right? I wonder if they sell this stuff by the gallon like they do their regular lemonade.

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A Challenge

They say (who ever it is that they are, anyway) that when you're going through a rough time, the best thing to do is stay busy. My brother, going through some rough stuff this year himself, also says that this is the time to improve stuff about yourself that you don't like. I'm already part of the way there on my weight (I now weigh less than I have all year long), so I figured what the hell. I think that I am going to try and kick my coke habit.

Before you freak out and go, "I didn't even know she had a drug problem," let me clarify - my Coca-Cola habit. I've been addicted to the stuff since I was a kid and I've always known it's bad for me (hell, there's probably a reason that I had kidney stones at the tender age of twenty-two) so fuck it - I'm going to stop drinking them. I think with the way that my appetite has been nil in the last week, I can really make some changes here and make them a lot easier than I could have when I was eating nothing but fast food and drinking six cokes a day. I always told Steven that I needed something to get past the hump and really lose weight. Shame the hump had to be getting dumped, but you've got to play with what you've been dealt.

From now on it's water. Oh, and stomach crunches. The belly's gone way down, so now it's time to tighten. If I'm going to be dumped, I may as well be a hot dumpee. Got to have something to concentrate on, right?

Then, since Eka's so in love with the South Beach Diet, maybe I'll try and start eating some of the food's she's always raving about. At the very least, I'm going to take my mother's advice and eat smaller portions of things (once I start eating again, of course).

Here's to the new me! Bring it on, life! I'm ready to kick ass and move forward.

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Sunday, November 23, 2003


I've been thinking about Steven and I and our relationship a lot over the last few days. I took a couple of days to really consider something that I had been asked, "Is it him you miss or the safety of the relationship?"

It is Steven I miss, not just the comfort of having someone. I miss how he laughs (he always said he had a stupid laugh, but I always found it endearing) and how when I would rub his shoulders he'd make these silly faces. I miss how he would balance the cat on one hand to make me laugh. I miss how we could talk poker strategy for hours. I miss him calling me musker and holding the side of my face so I could make shark biting motions at him. I miss how if he started drinking before me, I could make him blush by smelling his breath for alcohol. I miss how sensitive his ears are and being able to put him into a paroxysm of giggles by talking near them. I miss all this and more. I miss him.

I like how, while we have a lot in common, we have other interests outside of each other. He could watch golf for hours in the living room while I played on the computer. I would read while he watched tv. We don't agree on a lot of political issues (I'm liberal, he's conservative), but I always thought that the fact that we were different made us more balanced.

For a while I've been just kind of going along - stagnating. I operated under that assumption that almost everyone makes - there will always be more time. More time to fix what's wrong. More time to make sure that everything was okay. I knew he was frustrated by my slovenliness, but I thought I would have time to make it right. I feel ashamed when I think about how I shirked all my responsibilities and just let Steven take care of it all. I used to help out some around the house (taking out the garbage, doing some of the dishes, etc.), but I haven't done that in a long time. I don't know why I thought it was okay to take him for granted like that.

Not that I'm saying that our break up is my fault completely - we both share in the blame here. Steven thinks that coming right out and saying something along the lines of "This is what I need to change or I don't think we can make it" is an ultimatum and if you have to give an ultimatum, then you're just changing the person and you're better off just finding someone else. I think that's not saying how you really feel and if you don't say it, it can't be fixed, dooming the relationship to failure.

I think that over the last year or so we lost each other. I was battling issues at work and sinking into a depression. He was overwhelmed with the amount of business that his own company had. We settled into a rut. We began to drift apart and lost sight of what was really important - each other. It's amazing how a break-up can give you such clarity - how I can now see what's important.

If I had my heart of heart's desires, it would be that, after we take a little time off from one another, we could sit down in January, talk a bit (and I mean really talk, not just hint around) about what we both need, and give this another try. Go out to dinner or dancing and rediscover each other.

Maybe it would work, maybe it wouldn't (though, of course, I hope it would), but I believe that six years worth of love and life together is far too precious to throw away without a second chance - a shot at redemption, if you will. No one is perfect, but when you love and, more importantly, like someone (Steven once told me that he liked me more than he thought he'd ever like a woman), that puts you ahead of the game. We all have problems and issues and having a foundation of love to try and repair them on is more than a lot of people can say. Love between two people - especially after the amount of time we've spent together - is very precious. It would be a sin to just let it die without trying to save it first.

I know that I had said that the worst part of our break-up was the slap in the face of taking my garage door openers and stuff like that, but after talking to Christine, I think what really is the worst part is that he gave up on not just me, but us. After six years, would a second chance be asking for too much?

I know that Steven said that "we've been working on this for years," but I haven't been, not really. I never realized how serious our problems were, something that I deeply regret now. I know that if we were to get back together without addressing these things, we would never be able to stay together. But, I think with a little work on both our parts, we could fix some of our problems and be happy together again.

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Friday, November 21, 2003

Tiara Time

I bought my tiara today, so I am now ready for Em's Tiara Happy Hour. I also bought some new pants at lunch time to show off my new sexy, much flatter stomach. I do believe that there are several alcoholic drinks in my future, coumadin levels be damned.

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Tuesday, November 18, 2003


The only good thing about breaking up with someone is the way that you almost always loose weight. I've lost five pounds on my "only eat a little bit every few days" diet.

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Sunday, November 16, 2003


It's amazing how everything can change in just a matter of hours. Friday I was happy thinking how it was finally the weekend and I would soon be home with Steven, only to be confronted with reality when he got home and instead told me that our life together was over.

I feel like I've been stuck in a time warp. I've only had two serious relationships and now that mine with Steven is over I am back at my parents' house sleeping in my old bedroom, alone again.

I can't seem to find any meaning in anything and hours are just passing with nothing to move towards. I haven't eaten anything since Friday afternoon but I have no hunger for anything.

I know objectively that time will heal all wounds and that these feelings will pass, but I don't think I can do this again. Steven told me that he would never hurt me and he lied. All I keep coming back to is that nothing lasts forever and everything is a lie. Why should I even bother with men and relationships since they're doomed to end some day?

Since I've lived with Steven in his condo (no longer ours now), I have three years worth of stuff at his place that I'll need to get. I also have Bella, my cat, but I can't get her since my parents have a dog and Russell, my brother, is allergic to her. Steven swore that he would take care of her until I could come get her, but I realistically can't see a time in the next few months when that will even be possible. I miss her terribly.

The worst part of this break-up is that Steven did things like taking my garage and gate openers and moving his money from the place that he kept it. Like he expected me to do something - steal his money or his car or something like that. He must not have known me at all to think I would do something like that.

I want to thank everyone who has sent me an e-mail or left a comment here. It's good to know that people care about you though it's hard to find solace when the one person who was supposed to love you no matter what finds that they don't want you in their life any longer.

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Friday, November 14, 2003


Steven just dumped me. Six years next month and it's over. Just like that.

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The 6 Messiahs by Mark Frost

The Six Messiahs by Mark Frost: the sequel to Frost's adventurous The List of 7.

Ten years after the events of The List of 7 we find Arthur Conan Doyle a celebrated writer. He has been made famous by the creation of Sherlock Holmes, loosely modeled on Jack Sparks, his old friend who died pursuing his evil brother, Alexander.

Doyle is getting ready to embark to America for a book tour and taking his younger brother Innes with him to serve as his secretary. While on board their American-bound ship, Doyle becomes embroiled in a plot to steal a priceless religious book. This leads him to once again put his life on the line to help stop a terrible event from occurring.

The 6 Messiahs follows the same kind of formula as The List of 7, but I don't see that as necessarily a bad thing. I enjoyed it for the same reasons I enjoyed the other book - lots of adventure and wonderful characters. I found this one easier to get into and also thought that it resolved some of the abruptness of the ending of The List of 7.

If you're looking for rollicking good fun and an entertaining read, look no further.

(Finished on November 14, 2003 for Zuly’s Reading Room.)

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March Personality Traits

I saw this over at Melissa's and couldn't resist doing it. Basically, you take the traits associated with your birth month and cross out anything that doesn't apply. I've also added my coment about each trait in italics behind it. I'll put all the months in the extended entry so you can play along too.

Attractive personality. (I hope so anyway.) Sexy. (I think this probably applies.) Affectionate. (Very much so.) Shy and reserved. (Sometimes, but not for the most part.) Secretive. (Probably not or otherwise I wouldn't have a blog.) Naturally honest, generous and sympathetic. (Definitely me. I've been told I'm generous to a fault.) Loves peace and serenity. (Who doesn't?) Sensitive to others. (I think so, but this is something that I've been losing touch with lately. I need to be better about this.) Loves to serve others. (Not really.) Easily angered. (I've noticed this about myself lately. I used to be much slower to anger but a lot of stuff just sets me off now.) Trustworthy. (I think and hope so.) Appreciative and returns kindness. (Definitely.) Observant and assesses others. (I think so.) Revengeful. (This described me for a while after my break-up with my ex, but I don't think it does anymore.) Loves to dream and fantasize. (Very me. I especially love to fantasize about winning the lottery.) Loves traveling. (Yes, yes, yes! I beg Steven all the time to take me places.) Loves attention. (Guilty as charged.) Hasty decisions in choosing partners. (Definitely not me. I've only had two serious relationships and they've both lasted over five years. Keep in mind I'm only twenty-eight and didn't start dating until I was a junior in high school.) Loves home decors. (Ever since I started watching Trading Spaces, I've loved dreaming about having a house and fixing it up nice.) Musically talented. (Another big yes. I loved marching band in high school and we won state my senior year.) Loves special things. (Again, who doesn't?) Moody. (Guilty as charged again.)

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Thursday, November 13, 2003

Save Stevie and Angle

Stevie and Angel are two kittens that are suffering from severe birth defects. They are in need of eye reconstruction surgeries that will cost approximately $4,000.

If you'd like to help their owners out (btw, these kittens were taken in when they were found abandoned), you can make donations here. Poor little kitties!

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Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Revolutions Reviewed

So, you want to know what I thought about The Matrix: Revolutions? I don't want to spoil anything for anyone who hasn't seen this yet, so click the "Read More" to find out.

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Secret Santa Time

It's that time of year again - time for ThinkBlank's Secret Santa Exchange! This is their third year doing the exchange and I've had great fun in the previous two. The limit for the gift is $15 (though you can spend more), so it's a nice, cheap way to spread some holiday cheer. Go sign up!

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Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Virtual Tour

Christine was lucky enough to be chosen as a stop for the latest Virtual Book Tour. Lucky her! I would love to be a stop!

Basically, a virtual book tour is just like a real book tour, but instead of visiting different cities, the author visits a given number of websites in a given about of time, either to be interviewed, to take over the site for a day, to hang out with the site owner if they're in the same physical location, or whatever else that the site owner devises.

The book that's touring this week is Urban Tribes: A Generation Redefines Friendship, Family, and Commitment by Ethan Watters. I haven't read it yet, but it sounds really interesting. If you get a chance, go check out his Top 5 lists - very entertaining stuff.

You can read Christine's interview with the author here. Very cool indeed.

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The List of 7 by Mark Frost

The List of 7 by Mark Frost: a mix of adventure and occultism with a tiny bit of romance thrown in for good measure in Victorian England makes for quite an interesting book.

Arthur Conan Doyle is a physician of modest stature in the late 1880s in England. He has a few patients and submit manuscripts to local publishing houses. He also has a keen interest in the occult and spends a fair amount of time investigating spiritualists and mediums trying to find the real thing.

All this is abruptly thrown into disarray when he finds himself the target of a group of seven people that wish him dead before he can disrupt their plot - one he has unwittingly stumbled into.

At first, while I liked the book, I found it really hard to get into. It wasn't until page 60 or so that I really started to enjoy the book and the direction it was taking. I was eager to see what would happen next and what the fates of various players in the book would be.

My only real complaint with the book is that at times it the prose was a bit windy. Also, while the book was set in Victorian England, I myself don't know all their terms and slang. It would have been nice to have had some translations. The only reason that I knew that an alienist is, basically, a psychiatrist, is because of the excellent book by Caleb Carr The Alienist.

All in all, the novel contained quite the adventure and I look forward to reading the next book in the series The 6 Messiahs.

(Finished on November 11, 2003 for Zuly’s Reading Room.)

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Monday, November 10, 2003


I called Steven up at the office to see if I could talk him into going to see The Matrix: Revolutions tonight and he agreed to blow off the gym so we're going to the 8:00 showing. Should be interesting. Hope this one's better than Reloaded.

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Saturday, November 8, 2003

Ninety Neurotic Nights

The Neurotic Fishbowl is the latest site to receive Shelli's "This is Your Blog" treatment. You can go see all the hard work she did here.

Thanks, Shelli! It's an honor.

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Friday, November 7, 2003

We're All Going to Hell

We may all go to hell for this, but Michele found a church sign generator and people have been making their own church signs. Go check it out. (Yvonne's rocks.)

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Warlord Kymberlie

Just because I'm in a good mood and feeling silly, here's a quiz thingy. And yes, you do have to address me as Warlord.

The World Is MINE! by Demonac
You will conquer:the Entire World, but Saddam Hussein is still at large.
Your title will be:Warlord
You will succeed by:A complete accident.
Your Enforcers will be:Tyranids (from Warhammer 40k).
Your first act as ruler:Contract Vampirism (undead live forever).
Created with quill18's MemeGen!

(Link courtesy of Ed.)

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Online! The Book

I was checking my e-mail when I noticed that ShutterBlog had been updated. I went to go check it out and was amazed to find out that Picture Fish, my photoblog, had been mentioned in a book!

If you look under the red circle, you'll see Picture Fish's mention. How cool is that? I'm in a book! (Click image for supersize. Image shamelessly stolen from Robyn but at least I uploaded it to my own server!)

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Sponsored Ads

For those of you that contacted me regarding putting the text links up on your site, I checked with Natalie, my contact, and she said she's running behind but you should hear from her on Monday.

If you missed the first post, if you look down near the credits, you should see two text links under "Sponsored Ads." For putting them up on four sites I run, I'm getting $70 a month. There's no pop-ups, no minimum click-through rate required, and if you don't like the links you're sent, you can request new ones.

If you'd like to participate, either send me an e-mail or leave your name, URL, and e-mail address in the comments and I'll pass your name on. It's easy money and with the holidays coming up, I'm sure it could come in handy.l

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Thursday, November 6, 2003

Hi! My Name Is...

I completely stole Emily's idea and went to Vista Print a few weeks ago and had some business cards for Neurotic Fishbowl. They came in today and they were well worth the $10 I spent on them. Wish I would have had these at my reunion! (Click the image for the supersized version.)

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Programmer or Serial Killer?

Can you tell if someone is a programmer or a serial killer? I only got six out of ten. It's recommended I not get a job in law enforcement or IT recruiting.

(Link courtesy of Heather.)

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The Cyber Tip Jar

I've gotten into an arguement this morning over mentioning in one of my posts that if you want to throw some money this way to help me with my medical bills, feel free. Apparently, this equates me with being a whore. I don't see it this way and even though I've only had one or two people see this as a problem, I feel like addressing it anyway.

Personally, I have no problem with people putting up tip jars. I've donated to people that wanted PenCams, needed money for moving, had their stuff stolen, have their own medical bills, or just have a tight money situation. I know I've dropped several hundred dollars this year on that kind of thing. If I like someone and I can help them out with a few bucks, it makes me happy to do so.

I have not quit my job and asked people to pay all my bills. This does not mean that I am not grateful to have survived. I've been hit with a very large unexpected expense. If anyone out there wants to help, that's great. If you don't, that's fine too. It's your choice.

Feel free to think I'm selfish or don't be bothered by it one way or another. I just had to get this off my chest.

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Stolen (Women of the Otherworld, Book 2) by Kelley Armstrong

Stolen (Women of the Otherworld, Book 2) by Kelley Armstrong: an absolutely stunning book that grabs you and never lets you go.

Elena, the world's only female werewolf, is looking into the possibility that a human knows that werewolves exist and aren't merely myth. She then discovers that it's not only werewolves that aren't myths but also vampires, demons, witches, and more. While trying to deal with this, she's captured by an egomaniacal billionaire and ends up in his own supernatural menagerie.

I had enjoyed the first book in this series, Bitten, so I was prepared to like this one. However, I was surprised by how exciting it was and how much I loved it. I literally could not put this book down and stayed up reading way later than I should have.

From page one this book starts out with a deadly hunt and never lets up on the tension and excitement until the book is over especially, once Elena is kidnapped. Her fury and fear are so real that I could only begin to imagine how it would feel to be in somone's personal zoo.

I cannot recommend this book enough. Bitten was good, but Stolen is one of the most exhilarating novels I've read all year. It really sinks its teeth into you, if you'll pardon the pun.

(Finished on November 5, 2003 for Zuly’s Reading Room.)

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Wednesday, November 5, 2003

The Cost of Staying

I've been receiving some Explanation of Benefits statements from my insurance company showing the cost of my hospital stay, various tests, etc. I about died when I saw "Room and Board" costs for my eight day stay. Eight days in the hospital - not including all the tests and doctor visits - totaled $43,337.25. How insane is that? Healthcare in this country is so inflated.

Can't wait for the actual bills to start arriving. Like I've got an extra $5,00 or so to pay them. On that note, feel free to hit that PayPal button in the sidebar if you want. ;-)

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Finding Nemo

I stopped and picked up a copy of Finding Nemo on the way home from work and Steven and I just finished watching it.

This is the only Pixar film that I didn't see in the theaters and I wish I would have because this movie was just so damn much fun! Steven and I laughed through the whole thing and had a total blast watching it.

It's amazing to see how far computer animation has come since the very first Toy Story. That whole movie was just one beautiful scene after another. Highly recommended for everyone out there.

I noticed that Disney is back to its old "kill a parent off" storyline. Does make me wonder if a lot of smaller kids get upset when watching it. I know the whole mad elephant thing in Dumbo still can make me cry.

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Tuesday, November 4, 2003

Text Me, Baby

Depending on which skin you've selected, you may or may not see a sidebar box that says "Text Me." If you do, that little form with send an e-mail to my cell phone, so feel free to drop me a message any time you like. (I love get messages on my phone.)

I'm too tired to get it to work with every skin without screwing up the sidebar spacing. That'll be a chore for another day.

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Monday, November 3, 2003

Dead Girls Don't Wear Diamonds by Nancy Martin

Dead Girls Don't Wear Diamonds by Nancy Martin: the second book in the Blackbird Sisters mystery series, picking up where How to Murder a Millionaire left off.

Nora Blackbird is dealing with her pregnant sister Libby and her on-then-off boyfriend Michael "The Mick" Abruzzo when one of her acquaintances, the wife of her old college boyfriend, ends up dead. At first it looks like suicide, but soon both her and the husband, Flan, end up as suspects. To clear their names, Nora begins an investigation into the murder which leads to jewel theft, intriuge, and the lies covered by high society.

When I read the first book in the series, How to Murder a Millionaire, I thought that while the book wasn't all that great, it could definitely work itself into a pretty decent series. This book, however, was almost a carbon copy of the first and I found it almost a little too frothy for a murder mystery. I keep wanting more from both the characters and the story and I'm not sure if that's going to happen.

While the book makes for quick, easy reading, it's still not as good as one of Janet Evanovich’s or Carolyn Haines’s female mystery series. I guess the best I can say about this book is that it's okay and I'm not sure if that's enough to continue through the series.

(Finished on November 3, 2003 for Zuly’s Reading Room.)

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Sunday, November 2, 2003


I've been watching a lot of my DVD collection lately and I just finished watching The Mothman Prophecies.

That movie seriously freaked me out. The first hour was creepy as hell and keeping everything vague and a lot of the scenery out of focus only added to the tension that the movie created. Great horror flick and the soundtrack was terrific (I've already added it to my wishlist so I'll remember to buy it) and since it includes both the score and the music used in the movie, it's a great bargain at under $15.

If you're looking for a good creepy film, you can't go wrong with this one.

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Happy Birthday, Joelle!

Today is that moxie-filled vixen Joelle's birthday. Go over there and give her spanking for me. Happy birthday, you hottie!

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Like a dumbass, for the longest time I used to manually update the information in my sidebar under "Reading Materials" so you could see what I was currently reading and go to the reviews on BiblioBlog of the last books I read. Since I read a book every few days, this was a major pain in the ass to do.

I had a "Eureka!" moment today and figured out that I could use the MTOtherBlog plugin to get these links to display automatically.

Now I don't have to go through the hassle of updating the sidebar manually and you can get to the reviews just as easily. I even have it displaying the date I finished the book so you can see just how fast I really read.

Be sure to glance down there often and see if there's anything that ought to be added to your to be read pile.

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Rock Me, Amadeus

Yeah, so I'm addicted to 80s music. So what? (I actually scored a 91.5 on this.)

(Link courtesy of Michele.)

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