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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Burn It Group Question

I know that several people have expressed interest in being in more than one Burn It group so that they can get more music. I may change the group sizes depending on how everyone feels, so take a minute to vote and let me know how big you want your Burn It group to be.

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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Everybody Was Kung-Fu Fighting

Ever wanted to kick someone's ass in kung fu but lacked the necessary skills from getting beat to a bloody pulp? Then go experience Kung Fu Madness and save yourself a black eye or two. My name is Kymberlie if you want to challenge me to a fight. Be warned, though, I'll beat you up.

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Burn It - The Summer 2004 Edition

Time for the next Burn It CD Swap. Sign-ups begin now and, as always, please be sure to read the rules carefully before signing up! Also, take a minute and place your vote on group size.

The Theme:
Since it's summer time and summer always means big blockbuster movies, this theme is all about movie music, both scores and soundtracks. CDs can either be a mix of both soundtracks and scores or can be either or. Feel free to make a CD of both if you like.

Here's how it works:
After the sign up period, people will be put into groups of 4. You will then receive an e-mail from me telling you the names and addresses of the people in your group. You burn 5 identical CDs. Keep one for yourself and send the other three to the other people in your group and one to me. New Rule: Since so many people have been complaining that they haven't gotten CDs from people in their group, I am now requiring that you send one to me so I can keep track of who sent them out and who didn't. I hate to do this, but it seems the best way to keep track. You should then receive three new CDs from the other three people in your group.

The rules:
- You should have a blog. I would like this to be a fun way to connect people in the blogosphere. If you don't, go over to Diaryland or Blogspot and start one for free.
- If you're not going to follow through and make your CDs, please don't bother signing up. It would be a shame if one or two people ruined this for their group. If you signed up last swap and didn't send your CDs out, don't sign up this time.
- You must live in the US or Canada. If there's a intrest in this in other areas, I may do a swap at some point down the road that includes other countries, but since this is the first swap, I'm going to limit it to the areas where I know most of you guys live.
- If you live in the US, you should be willing to ship to Canada. If you live in Canada, you should be willing to ship to the US. The postage is a teeny bit more, but nothing that's going to break the bank.
- Remember that most people can't play mp3s in their car, so make sure they're something that will play in a standard car stereo. I tend to use .cda or .wav files. I have put together a list of Burn It resources for those not familiar with making CDs.
- Please be sure to put your name, URL, or e-mail on your CD somewhere. I got several last time that I liked, but have no idea who sent them.

Guidlines on creating your CDs:
- Include a track listing. If someone like an artist, they might want to buy more music by them. Let us know who it is.
- Fill up the CD as much as you can. There's 80 minutes on a blank CD. Don't half-ass it and make a 30 minute CD.
- You should definitely use a jewel case when sending your CDs to protect it during mailing. You can get them cheap anywhere.
- I know a lot of people are graphically inclined, so feel free to make your CD a work of art.
- Don't be afraid to put on "cheesy" music. If you like it, others probably will too.
- Don't be afraid to put on music that no one has ever heard before either. Billboard or MTV may never have known this music, but you did, so that's what counts.

If you've gotten this far and you still want to sign up, send an e-mail (change the AT to an @ in my e-mail address) to me and make sure you reference the swap in the subject line. You must include the following information (please send your info even if I already have it):

- Your name
- Mailing address
- Your blog URL
- Your e-mail address

Sign-ups will continue through Friday, July 9th. By Sunday, July 11th, I will send e-mails to everyone letting you know who is in your group. You should have all of your CDs burned and in the mail NO LATER THAN Friday, July 30th. This gives you at least a full three weeks to create and ship CDs to your three group partners and me.

Please spread the word! More people equals more music! Just be sure to link to this URL, because eventually this entry will cycle off the main page.

If you have any other questions, you can e-mail me or leave a comment.

Special thanks goes out to Alison for both the inspiration and allowing me to use most of her rules and guidelines.

Enter your e-mail address to be notified of the next Burn It CD swap:

Powered by

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Monday, June 28, 2004

Tiaras and Trojans

This weekend was Tiara Happy Hour VI. Most of the regular crew was there (Sarah, Emily, Christine, Natalie, Robin, and Katie plus Boy and Girl to name the majority), but we were treated to a very special surprise guest - Don!

No one was expecting him, so when this tall guy walks up to all of us and just kind of stands there, Emily gets up in his face and demands, "Who are you? Why are you here?" Sarah (AKA The Birthday Girl) totally recognized him, though, and he was readily accepted into our little group, especially when he proved himself man enough to not only wear a tiara, but a Princess Fiona ogre tiara at that. What a man! You can see pictures of the night here and here.

Tiara was, of course, great fun with lots of drinks consumed, boobies grabbed, and kisses exchanged (Have we ever had a Tiara where that doesn't happen?). Emily, though, had a prior commitment, so Don and I hopped into his rental car and followed her and Christine over to another bar where Don kicked my ass at pool, but I think that the games should have been handicapped since I was drinking and he wasn't.

Eventually we ended up back at Emily's where I passed out on the couch. I must admit that part was a little blurry at least until I woke up and saw Christine on the other couch and I figured out where I was. (Btw, thanks again, Emily; you are a most gracious hostess.) I woke up the next morning, ran home, took a shower and a quick nap, and headed back downtown to meet my friend Mandy for another one of those speeddating things.

The rest of the weekend was spent screwing around with my computer. About a week ago I was going through all my old comments to clear out some comment spam and I accidentally clicked on one of the links in the URL. The next thing I know, I've got a trojan installed and despite both mine and my mother's best efforts, we haven't been able to get rid of it. We spent all weekend tracking processes and error messages only to somehow mess up my IE so that you can't right click on anything (I do the majority of my browsing this way, so I am extremely not happy about that).

Finally, this morning I decided that I was tired of messing around with it and I am now using Firefox to do my surfing. It's so similar to IE (with the exception of some CSS not rendering correctly) that I may just stick with it and give tab browsing a go.

I hope everyone else had has much fun as I did this weekend. Like I always say, being a blogger in H-Town is the best.

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Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Happy Birthday, Eka!

Today is the birthday of the most amazingly wonderful, beautiful, and talented Eka. Happy birthday, sweetie! Now go over there and give her some birthday love, won't you?

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Sunday, June 20, 2004

I Vant To Be Alone

Ever since I got back from Christine and Mike's wedding, still sick with kidney stones and lost that job interview, I've been really depressed (I'm sure the freaking barrage of gloomy weather and thunderstorms for the last two weeks hasn't helped. I know it's hurricane season and all but give it a rest already).

I've been ignoring phone calls, not returning e-mails, sleeping a lot, and just generally hiding out from the world. I've passed up invites to go out, turned down dates, and pretty much become a recluse (though I did go out Friday and Saturday night. Friday night was particularly nice because I got chatted up by both a major hottie and a professional football player).

I guess I just feel down about where my life's at. I feel like I'm never going to find a good job and don't even get me started about the impossibility of finding a great man. I don't really have much more to say than that (I know - whine, whine, whine), but it's an explanation of why this place has been so bare lately. Maybe I'll finally pull out of it, get a life, and start posting again.

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Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Burn It - The Spring 2004 Edition Incentive Winners

Today I received Jay's Burn It - The Spring 2004 Edition CD. Since I'd already received Katie's, Howard's, and Joe's, they are the winning group for this burn's incentive. Way to go, y'all!

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Monday, June 14, 2004

Danger, Will Robinson! Danger!

Kymberlie is radioactive. Wear protective clothing at all times.



(Link courtesy of Mikey.)

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I Feel Pretty

Since the cool girls are pimping out their favorite products in the new Amazon Beauty Store I figured I'd jump on the bandwagon and do the same. If you look in the ever-expanding sidebar for the section called "I Feel Pretty" you can check out some of the items I can't live without. Okay, maybe I could live without them, but why would I ever want to give up something as wonderful as Lip Venom?

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Friday, June 11, 2004

The Good and The Bad

The Good News: I finally passed that kidney stone.

The Bad News: I didn't get the job.

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Thursday, June 10, 2004

My, What White Teeth You Have, Grandma!

Despite Christine always telling me that I have lovely white teeth, I'm always convinced that they're horribly stained. I've been wanting to get them whitened at the dentist, but not having a job kind of puts a crimp into spending a few hundred dollars on it. So while in Wal-Mart a few weeks ago, I bought one of the Crest Whitestrips Premium kits.

I finally used it for the first time today and my initial impression was that the strips weren't long enough to actually cover most of my teeth - just the front ones. Anyone else used it and thought the same thing? It's supposed to be used for a week, so I guess I'll know soon enough if it will whiten more than just my front teeth.

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Tuesday, June 8, 2004

WAP Mail

Occasionally when I get stuck in a line or something, I use my Nokia 3650 cell phone to check my mail.

Typically, I go through Mail2Web, a site that lets you check any e-mail account. Unfortunately, the site's not really designed to be accessed on a cell phone's small screen, so you have to scroll back and forth and it takes freaking forever.

So what I need from you, dear readers, are any suggestions on a site that does the same thing but is optimized for cell phones and other devices. Anyone know one? I did some looking around but didn't find anything that fit my purpose.

Update: I'm all set now thanks to NinaKaye who noticed the WAP and PDA version icons on the bottom of Mail2Web that I had completely overlooked before. Oops!

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Monday, June 7, 2004

Happy Birthday, Jay!

Today is Jay's birthday. I had the pleasure to met both he and his boyfriend Rannie at the Toronto Happy Hour that Jay and can't say enough wonderful things about him. Have a great birthday, hon!

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Sunday, June 6, 2004

Timing Is Everything

I just finished watching Final Destination. While it's not the best horror movie I've ever seen (but it's certainly not the worst), I still love the premise. Basically, a high school student named Alex gets a vision that the plane that he and a bunch of his fellow students and teachers are on is going to explode, he freaks out, he and six others get thrown off the plane, and while they are back at the airport, the plane really does explode. One by one they start to die as Death tries to right the pattern that they cheated.

So, what do you think? Do you think that when it's your time, it's your time or that there is no pattern? Can you cheat death?

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Saturday, June 5, 2004

Neurotic Fishbowl Moblog Update

I added a bunch of pictures to the Neurotic Fishbowl Moblog, including a bunch from Christine and Mike's wedding weekend. Feel free to go take a peek.

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Friday, June 4, 2004

Burn It Incentive

I know a lot of people have complained that they send out their Burn It CDs only to never receive anything from anyone in their group. Since I've started requiring people to send me a copy of their CD as well, I've noticed that more CDs are being sent out, but it's still not 100% (and honestly, with Christine and Mike's wedding, getting kidney stones, and getting prepared for job interviews, I haven't sent mine out yet).

Today, while noting whose CDs came in the mail, I came up with a little incentive that might make people send their CDs out quicker. What I'm going to do is this - the first group that I receive all four CDs from gets a copy of my CD. (This obviously leaves my group out, but if they get theirs to me quickly, I might send them an older version. We'll see.)

Hopefully people will be so psyched about getting the organizer's CD that they'll rush to the mailbox as soon as they get their mailing list. Okay, so I'm delusional, but it was the best thing tht I could come up with. :-) So far no group's gotten all of theirs to me, though I have three out of four for four groups. If you haven't mailed your Spring 2004 Edition out, get cracking; maybe you'll get an extra CD!

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Hail Hath No Fury...

I just had to go move my car (thankfully it's a Miata, so it's really small) up onto the porch because it suddenly started hailing. Good thing my dad heard the stones bouncing off the porch since I couldn't over my music. Looks like no damage done to my car, though. *whew*

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Wednesday, June 2, 2004

Interview Connection

The interview went pretty well today, I think, despite a massive kidney stone attack at 3:00 (the interview itself was at 3:30, but I had to meet the placement company's manager at 3:15 so he could introduce me) that had me writhing in pain in my car. I stumbled into a nearby deli and got some water (the guy behind the counter was looking at me like I was going to pitch a fit at any second, so I must have looked as bad as I felt) and after begging my kidneys to let up just long enough for the interview, I felt a lot better.

The job is in a large real estate company in their web development group and it sounds like an awesome position. The manager of the group and I met today and we really hit it off (at one point she exclaimed, "Wow! We have a lot in common!"). The job's kind of a hybrid for consulting/project managing/light development and my skill set fits exactly what they need. There's not a lot of competition for the position from what I understand, so I feel pretty confident that I have a good chance at getting it.

I told her at the beginning of the interview that I had kidney stones since I didn't want her to think I was strange if I started moaning or clutching my side. When I left, she said that it showed real dedication to come out even though I wasn't feeling well. I told her that I have a great work ethic and she said that she could tell.

Anyway, keep your fingers crossed that I get this. It would actually be a career as opposed to a job and I think I would be really good at it and enjoy it. I'll post when I hear anything else.

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Send Me Some Luck...

This afternoon I've got an interview for a job that sounds right up my alley. Cross your fingers that these stupid kidney stones lay off long enough for me to get through the interview without having to clutch my stomach and fall to my knees in pain since I don't think that would improve my chances of getting the job. Send me lots of luck. I would like to become one of the gainfully employed again!

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My Best Friend's Wedding (and a Trip to the ER)

As probably everyone knows by now, Saturday was Christine and Mike's wedding.

Thursday morning at about 1:00, I finished printing the CDs that were going to be used as wedding favors. I spent a few more hours cutting the booklets to fit the cases and putting the labels on the CDs. Later that night, I met Christine, her mother, and Jason (her son) and followed them up to Galveston.

We checked in to The Tremont Hotel and Christine and I headed to a bar across the street called Fitzpatrick's. We had a drink, watched Biker Boyz in closed caption (I have decided that I want my name to be Baby Girl, not Kymberlie), and then went to Wal-Mart for emergency supplies (i.e. cookie dough and chips).

Since the Wal-Mart is on the seawall, after we left we pulled over and walked along the beach for a while. I usually go to Galveston in the fall, so I was completely not ready for the massive amounts of seaweed that was all over the place. We walked in the water for a little while, but the seaweed freaked Christine out, so we didn't stay too long. Of course, it was already after 2:00 in the morning, so that's a good thing.

Friday afternoon we got up, lounged around a bit, and then headed to the downstairs to the bridesmaid luncheon where I finally got to meet Mike's mom, Gretchen, who is just super-duper nice. Chelsey (the maid of honor), Christine, her mom, and two of her aunts rounded out the rest of the party. The food was great (as were the apple martinis) and I had a really nice time talking to everyone. At 2:30 Christine and Chelsey went to go get their nails done and I went to go wander around the Strand (lots of shops, a few bars, ice creams parlors, etc. for those not familiar with the area).

I had a great time walking along the Strand. I went into a clothing store that was giving away mimosas (very yummy) and had the cutest little eleven-week old puppy. I bought a really pretty anklet for $5.00 at the Yaga store. I even had a small vanilla ice cream cone that I sat and ate while it melted in the sun. All in all, a very nice little bit of time spent on my own.

After that, I headed back to the hotel to take a nap. The rooms were absolutely gorgeous and even had towel warmers in the bathroom so you could wrap yourself up in a heated towel after a shower. The best part of the rooms, though, were the beds. They were these incredible Serta mattress (I am so buying one as soon as possible) that put me to sleep immediately.

I'd been asleep for probably forty minutes or so when the phone rang. It was Rannie asking me what I was up to. I headed over to his room and we went off in search of a building with old signs that he wanted to photograph.

After walking around, we finally found the building. We also found this great partially demolished wall that was just amazing. It had old ads on it, lots of colors, and some great graffiti.

Watching Rannie take pictures was a highlight of the day for me. He has the most amazing eye; I truly wish that I could take photos the way he does.

It was then time to go back to the hotel and get ready for the rehearsal and dinner. Christine got back from her nail appointment and was getting ready while I read in bed. We were getting ready to leave around 6:30 when my back suddenly started to hurt. I mentioned it to Christine, but it went away, so we headed off to the church and I forgot about it.

The rehearsal went really well and I got to meet Mike's groomsmen - Joseph (his brother and best man), Chris, and Steve. They were all really nice and lots of fun. We then headed back to the hotel since the restaurant for the rehearsal dinner was only a block away.

We walked over to the restaurant and enjoyed a lovely meal and some great conversation with the bridal party and Mandy and Craig, friends of Mike. A few hours into dinner, though, my back started hurting really bad again. I decided to head back to the hotel (Christine said later that she knew I really wasn't feeling well when I left half of my apple martini) to lie down.

By the time I got downstairs and walked the block to the hotel, I was feeling decidedly worse. I tried laying down, I tried taking a hot bath, but nothing made the pain any better. Pretty soon I started throwing up and couldn't stop, even when I emptied everything out of my stomach. Rannie came by to check on me, but I was feeling so bad I hardly said anything to him. I did tell him if he saw Christine to send her up to the room.

Probably a half hour later (time is so screwy when you're really sick) Christine came up. I was curled around the toilet, but apparently the first thing that I said to her when she walked in was that I was so sorry for getting sick before her wedding. I kept hoping the whole time that the pain would subside enough for me to be okay, but it was becoming more and more apparent that that wasn't going to be the case.

Christine asked me for my insurance card and called the insurance company and pretended to be me (F is for Fraud!) to see what they suggested. They said it sounded like kidney stones and I should go to the hospital. Chris, one of the groomsmen (the one that I walked down the aisle with after the ceremony, as a matter of fact) is a doctor and he agreed that if I was still throwing up that I definitely should head to a hospital. His wife, Carrie, had just flown in and she even offered to take me though we hadn't even met.

It's then decided that Mike should take me to the hospital since Christine can't drive my car and she's had a lot of late nights and has to get up early the next day to get her make-up done. Mike and I arrive at UTMB right before 1:00 a.m. I remember looking at the clock during check in and seeing it read 00:56. I thought, "That must be handy for pronouncing time of death and things in military time," and then I puked between my shoes.

Mike told them that he was my brother so that I wouldn't have to be left alone when I got a room. He also told them that Chris was our other brother so if he needed to be relieved someone with some medical knowledge could come and sit with me. I'm telling you, I love these guys. Nothing makes you feel better when sick (well, except for heavy narcotics) than having people look out for you.

The next four hours was an experience in a lot of pain. It was Memorial Day weekend, so traumas kept coming in, making it impossible for me to get into a room. Mike got really good at getting the bedpan to me in seconds when I croaked that I needed it and switching them out for clean ones. He also made sure I had water and got the nurse to get me a blanket when I was getting chills from the pain and shaking really badly. I honestly don't know what I would have done without him and without Christine to send him to me. Bet he never thought he'd be spending his last night as a bachelor with me in an ER.

A little after 5:00 we finally made it to a room. I was so happy to get on a gurney so I could lay face down and not press on my kidneys. A nurse came in a few minutes later and said that they were going to start me on some fluids and do a CT scan. I told him I needed pain medicine - now. He said that as soon as they started my IV I would get some morphine. I've got to tell you, "morphine drip" are the two words that make any hospital stay better.

I vaguely remember the nurse (Scott? I think that might have been his name) starting my IV and pretty much as soon as the morphine hit, I was out. I woke up about forty minutes later wondering how long I slept. Mike told me and then said he needed to go since he was so tired he was about to fall off the stool he was sitting on, taking my IV tower out in the process.

He left around 6:00 a.m. (after putting my socks on for me since I was incapable of taking off my shoes and getting me a pillow) and the next couple of hours consisted of me sleeping, getting more morphine (I remember thinking at one point how apt that the name morphine was derived from Morpheus, the Greek god of dreams), and me telling every nurse or doctor that came in my room that I needed to be back at the hotel by 10:00 - 11:00 at the latest - so I could get ready for the wedding.

Karen (the nurse who came in after Scott) and Dr. Coombs were very nice and helpful. I went in for the CT around 8:00 and Dr. Coombs came back to tell me that he was pushing my scans through radiology so that I could leave in time for the wedding. While waiting for him to come back, I called Christine to give her the skinny on what was going on. I got her voice mail and left her a message saying that it looks like I would be in the wedding and that they'd be giving me pain killers. I told her that hopefully I wouldn't be like the bride in Sixteen Candles (ironically a movie that was in the care package that I received from everyone when I was in the hospital last time) who wanders up and down the aisle at her wedding and has to sit down in a pew after taking three muscle relaxers.

Less than an hour later the doctor was back since he decided it would be quicker just to read the scans himself than send them through radiology. Turns out that I have three kidney stones - a rather large one in my right kidney, a smaller one in my left, and one on my left side that was on its way out (eventually), and thus the pain.

Since there's not much you can do for kidney stones, they gave me prescriptions for Ibuprofen to deal with an inflammation and Vicodin for the pain (the heavens sang when I got that). They also provided me with some strainers to pee into in hopes of catching the stone so I can take it to a urologist and see what's causing the stones. I then went and gave them all my insurance information (because I really want more medicals bills at this point since I'm still paying off last year's pulmonary embolism) and checked out. Christine's dad, Al, and Jason picked me up and it was off to Walgreen's to fill my prescriptions and get water and cranberry juice (after a stop for a donut since I had nothing left in my stomach).

We get back to the hotel and I crawl out of the car looking like death warmed over (shorts, old Gold's Gym t-shirt with no bra, vestiges of last night's make-up still on but smeared all over, bandages on both hands and my arm where blood work and IVs were done, and my old crappy looking glasses on). Two women are standing on the sidewalk and they both immediately turn to me and say, "We heard about you! Are you doing okay today?" I'm trying to figure out if I know them (Were they at the rehearsal dinner? Did we get introduced?). I tell them I'm much better, thanks, and I'm very sorry, but do I know them? They introduce themselves as Mike's cousins (at least I'm pretty sure that's what they said), explain that we hadn't met, but that they'd heard what had happened. I immediately realized then that I was going to be the girl that everyone knew because I had to be rushed to the hospital in the middle of the night by the groom.

I went upstairs and laid down for a while and then headed upstairs to the honeymoon suite to get my hair and make-up done. I love being pampered, so it was quite fun to be treated like a princess and have everything taken care of. Gary, the photographer, was a lot of fun and I really can't wait to see all the pictures.

It was then time to head off to the church. The guy who drove us over in the town car took us the scenic way and it totally cracked me up when even he knew all about my hospital visit the night before! We arrived at the church and stood outside for a while taking more pictures, talking to the minister and the guests when as they arrived, and then it was time to go in for the ceremony. Luckily it was a short ceremony since the church was pretty hot and if we would have had to stay in there much longer, I am afraid I may have just passed out at the altar.

We then headed back to the Tremont for the reception which was just lovely. Lots of bloggers were in attendance (Matt, Katie, Elaine, Kathy, and Syd) and it really was a lot of fun. Since I didn't have a date and Jay, Rannie's boyfriend, was still in Canada, Rannie agreed to be my pseudo-date so I got to sit in his lap and dance with him. What more could a girl want?

I kept up my streak of catching the bouquet (popping off two of the buttons on the back of my dress in the process, but I told everyone I was going to get it) and dooming every single girl at the wedding to a life of spinsterhood since I am seriously beginning to doubt that I'll ever get married. Since they have to wait on me, they may be waiting quite a while.

After blowing bubbles as the bride and groom ran to their horse-drawn carriage, Katie followed me up to my room so she could undress me (Damn dresses that button up the back and require an additional person to remove! They are the bane of the single woman!). We went downstairs and sat with some of the bridal party, but she and her husband Chris took off after a while.

Eventually, all of the bridal party, spouses, and Rannie assembled downstairs to decide where to go next. We found out that the roof of the building was open to guests so we all went upstairs and talked for a while. It was lots of fun, but around 2:00 a.m. we decided to call it quits and head to our rooms. Luckily for me, Rannie took pity on the fact that I had something like fifty bobby pins and ornaments in my hair, so I followed him to his room where he took them all out for me. Let me tell you, it was pure bliss to finally let my hair down.

The next day we (the bridal party) went to the Hotel Galvez for lunch. I felt pretty crappy all day and even worse by the time lunch was over. I seriously doubted my ability to drive so Mike and Christine came to my rescue again. Despite the fact that they were still in their wedding finery (pictures on the beach before lunch and then headed back to Houston for more pictures in a few locations), Mike offered to drive my tiny little Miata and Christine drove his Golf (there was no way that a wedding dress clad bride was fitting behind the wheel of my car!).

To make a long story short (too late!), we drove back to Houston, Rannie took some more pictures, we had a quick bite to eat at Frank's Pizza, and then Mike and Christine dropped me off. I spent the rest of Sunday and most of Monday and Tuesday sleeping, taking Vicodin as necessary, and not doing much else. I feel a lot better for the most part, though the pain still can come on pretty strong. I have a job interview this afternoon, though, so I'm trying really hard not to take a lot of Vicodin since I want to both be able to drive to the interview and be coherent in it.

All in all, the wedding was a lot of fun and I'm sure that my trip to the ER will only add to the whole story, especially since nothing too bad really came of it. I love Mike and Christine bunches and I'm glad that I was able to stand up at the altar with them on their special day. Congratulations and best wishes to you both!

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