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Sunday, July 25, 2004

Thank You

Well, looks like I've done it - I've blogged every half hour for twenty-four hours straight to raise money for Heifer International. As of this post, I've raised $338, far more than I actually expected to, especially since this was my first time to participate in one of these blogging marathons.

I'd like to take a minute to acknowledge and thank all my sponsors: Wendy, Erika, Amancay, Noelle, Hugin and Munin, Kristal, Gary LaPointe, girl and boy, The Daily Meme, Irfan, Michael Brunk, Traci, Christine Murphy, Hip Momma, Sue Bailey, Kimberly McKinnis, Daria, Marcus, Pam B., Christine and Mike, Violet Fox, Tony, Steve, Regina Heater, and two anonymous donors.

All of these people are getting their name entered into a drawing for a set of my Burn It CDs, six discs in total. We'll be accepting sponsors until Monday, so I won't do the drawing until then. If you can spare a few dollars, please go sponsor me. Keep in mind that I put almost sixty songs up for you to download for free within these posts, so if you liked a few of them, sponsoring me would be a lovely thing to do.

Thanks also goes out to all the people that came by here and commented or sent me e-mails. It helped make the hours go by quicker and I really appreciate that as well. Thanks also to Wendy and Brent for organizing this whole thing and to C.J. for IMing with me and to Michael for all the e-mails.

With that in mind, the last two downloads should be self-explanatory.

Alanis Morissette - Thank U (Like it? Then buy the CD.)
Dido - Thank You (Like it? Then buy the CD.)

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Next To Last

I can't believe this is the next to last post in Project Blog. It seemed like it would never end, but in retrospect, it doesn't feel like I've been doing this for twenty-three and a half hours straight.

I couldn't post mp3s all night and not put something by Tori Amos up. I've been a huge fan of hers ever since Vern, the other art aide I worked with in high school, introduced her to me as we cleaned up crap in the art department together. I love so much of her stuff that I just grabbed three random songs of hers that I really like.

Tori Amos - Tear In Your Hand (Like it? Then buy the CD.)
Tori Amos - Raspberry Swirl (Like it? Then buy the CD.)
Tori Amos - Sugar (Like it? Then buy the CD.)

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Would You...?

I was listening to the WinAmp on shuffle when Touch & Go's "So Hot" came on. You might recognize it as the theme song to HBO's G-String Divas (not that I would, mind you). I immediately decided that it should be the next download (with another of their songs thrown in for good measure) when Joe Jackson's "Stepping Out" followed it, so it's going up too.

I've been having a great time talking to C.J. and checking out his cool flight blog and watching Wendy and I think about falling in love. I wish I would have had such a cool ideas for themes, but my way y'all get free mp3s, so I guess it works out.

I can't believe it. Only two more posts to go.

Touch & Go - So Hot (Like it? Then buy the CD.)
Touch & Go - Would You...? (Like it? Then buy the CD.)
Joe Jackson - Stepping Out (Like it? Then buy the CD.)

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I have a real fondness for music of the 80s and 90s. One of my favorites from that time period is Information Society. Believe it or not, I actually saw them in concert twice (at Astroworld's Southern Star Ampitheater; free concert tickets with a season pass) and still have my Hack concert t-shirt with that weird looking car that said, "This is not art."

Since I love every track on that CD and we're coming to the end of Project Blog, you get *three* songs this time. Enjoy.

Information Society - Come With Me (Like it? Then buy the CD.)
Information Society - A Knife and a Fork/R.I.P. (Like it? Then buy the CD.)
Information Society - Mirrorshades (Like it? Then buy the CD.)

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Charity Links

Since this whole has been in the name of charity, I thought I'd post a few charity sites that you can visit every day.

.: The Hunger Site - one click here a day will help feed the hungry.
.: The Breast Cancer Site - one click here a day helps fund free mammograms.
.: The Child Health Site - one click here a day helps sick children.
.: The Rain Forest Site - one click here a day helps protect the world's rain forests.
.: The Animal Rescue Site - one click here a day helps feed homeless animals.
.: The Ecology Fund - has several different links you can click to help protect the rain forest, American wilderness, reduce air pollution, plant trees, and more.
.: Race For the Rain Forest - a click a day will help protect the rain forests.
.: Race For the Oceans - a click a day will help protect the world's oceans.
.: Race For the Big Cats - a click a day will help protect snow leopards, jaguars, and tigers.
.: Race For the Primates - a click a day will help protect primates.
.: Race For the Children - a click a day will help children in need.
.: Race For Pets in Need - a click a day will help pets in need.
.: Race to Stop Violence Against Women - a click a day will help protect women worldwide.
.: Care2 and The Breast Cancer Fund's Climb to End Breast Cancer - a click a day will help eliminate environmental causes of breast cancer .

We're getting close to the end of Project Blog (though it's not too late to sponsor me) and I know the next download will hit home with everyone.

Azure Ray - Sleep (Like it? Then buy the CD.)

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I've been over at Flying Arab (the site of my videographer, Tarek, from when I went skydiving) watching skydiving videos again. I just can't get enough of them. I must have seen every one of them a few times each now. Obsess much? Well, like I'm fond of saying, this site isn't called Neurotic Fishbowl for nothing.

The next song up for download is Evanescence's "Bring Me To Life." Why that one? Because it's the song that Tarek set my jump to on my DVD. Every time I hear it, I can feel myself going through the air. I just can't wait to jump again.

Evanescence - Bring Me To Life (Like it? Then buy the CD.)

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Spandex: It's a Privilege, Not a Right.

No matter how many people hate Hackers, I still love this film. Yes, the technology in it is crap, but who cares? The characters are great, the dialouge fun, and it's got a kick ass soundtrack. It's hard for me to pick just one song off of it, but this one is probably my favorite.

Underworld - Cowgirl (Like it? Then buy the CD.)

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Adult Programming

Since it's late and all, I figured we'd have a little adult programming.

A pediatrician, a lawyer, and a priest were on the Titanic when it started to go down. The pediatrician says, "Save the children!" The lawyer says, "Fuck the children!" The priest says, "Do we have time?"

Thank you, folks. I'll be here all week. Be sure to tip your waitress and don't forget to try the veal.

Lords Of Acid - Pussy (Like it? Then buy the CD.)

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A Love Affair To Remember

Wendy put me into her Sims game and for a little while it looked like we were going to hook up (after all, I did give her my number). I don't think romance is in the air for us, though, after our disastrous dinner. She didn't even have a dining room table and she never even got out of her pajamas! I just can't go for that.

In honor of our short but meaningful attempt at romance, the next song is dedicated to us.

Jill Sobule - I Kissed a Girl (Like it? Then buy the CD.)

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A Special Request

Christine loves the video that Bill Clinton made for the 2000 White House Correspondents Dinner. If you haven't seen it, you should definitely watch this.

Frank Sinatra's used in this video, but it's not my favorite of his songs. This one is.

Frank Sinatra - Fly Me to the Moon (Like it? Then buy the CD.)

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How To Give a Project Blogger a Heart Attack

I was getting ready to make my new post, refreshed my site for a quick look, only to be greeted by a blank page. Luckily, Christine my friend and owner of Blogomania, where I host, had just e-mailed me, so I called her.

I deleted a few of the downloads (you snooze, you lose) and freed up some space, but I'm not sure if that's what did the trick of not since it still was blank for a bit. Either way, I'm back and it's time for a new download. No particular reason why I picked this one, I just like it.

Hed Kandi - Rainy Days & Mondays

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Random Shit

Random shit that I'm thinking about at 1:30 in the morning after blogging for eighteen hours or so:

- I must have peed forty times tonight. Of course, I've drunk like a thousand cokes, so I guess it balances out.
- Who the fuck was that that called me earlier?
- If only one of the people in the world that have more money than they can ever spend would give me $1,000,000, I'd be set for life.
- I really wish I could go skydiving again.
- I need a massage after sitting here for so long. My neck is killing me.
- That Hersey's Bar that's sitting on my desk looks really good.
- I wonder what's on the TiVo. Maybe I'll watch something and blog about it since I need blog fodder.
- Why won't Firefox keep all my cookies? I check that "remember me" box on websites for a reason.
- What the hell am I going to talk about for over five more hours?

And here's some random shit sitting on my desk:

And since the last download matched the post, here's another one of my favorite songs that does the same.

Filter - Take a Picture (Like it? Then buy the CD.)

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Mystery Man

My phone just rang, so I glanced down at the caller ID to see which of my buddies were calling to offer their moral support, but I was thwarted in my attempt when the readout said private number. I pick it up and proceed to have a conversation with some guy in California who wouldn't tell me who he was. He knew about Project Blog and it sounded like he knew about Burn It, but I'm not sure who it was. It thought it was Don, but he denied that it was him (plus I don't remember giving him my number, but I was pretty drunk when we met). The caller was really nice, though he thought some of my musical offerings sucked (which ones? IMO they are all great).

So, Mystery Man, are you going to tell me who you are? Or do I have a mystery to ponder for the next six hours?

This is post thirty-seven for those of you keeping track at home, so the song to offer for download was obvious. It's probably the best themed one yet.

King Black Acid - Wake Up #37 (Like it? Then buy the CD.)

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I Have a Life, It's Just Simulated.

All of Wendy's posts about The Sims has just about convinced me that I need to buy the game. After all, Amazon has a rebate where you get a free expansion pack and I've actually got some gift certificates from there left. I don't really need even more computer crap to waste my time on, but it's not like I have a real life (obviously).

I wanted to post an INXS song since I loved them so much, but I was torn over which of their songs to share which means you luck out and get to download both of them.

INXS - Not Enough Time (Like it? Then buy the CD.)
INXS - Beautiful Girl (Like it? Then buy the CD.)

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My First Download

Way back in the day (probably about 1997) I remember when I first started downloading music. Of course, I was on a dial-up so I was so excited if I came home and actually had one whole song! Things have definitely changed. Now I'm annoyed if I can't find a song and get it in under ten minutes.

The point of this post? Thought it would make a good segue for the next download, one of the first songs that I found online. Boy, was I excited since I love this mix of U2's "Desire" but could never find it for sale anywhere.

U2 - Desire (Hollywood Remix) (Like it? Then buy the CD.)

Oh, and I'm still screwing around with the TypoGenerator.

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Saturday, July 24, 2004

A Refreshing Break

I just got done talking with Brent, one of the Project Blog organizers. It was definitely a nice break to the evening, especially since he was impressed that I went skydiving and have all these mp3s up for download. See? Neurotic Fishbowl is a cool site!

If you're up doing Project Blog and want to talk, send me an e-mail. My phone's got free minutes so it might be a good way to get some blog fodder.

Next up is a download by one of my favorite bands ever, Erasure. It's one of their newer songs and very danceable which is a good thing since I am flagging a little bit. Get up and move your ass, people!

Erasure - Make Me Smile (Like it? Then buy the CD.)

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A Reminder and Shameless Begging

Just a reminder, but every post that I've made for Project Blog has at least one mp3 for download in it (please, be sure to do the right click and "Save As" thing). That's thirty-five songs, including this post's. (You can get all the entries on one page by clicking here.)

If you were to have bought all of these on iTunes, you would have paid almost $35.00. Instead, I've offered them to you for free. All that I ask is, if you have a few dollars to spare, that you go and sponsor me. For every $5.00 that you pledge, your name goes in a drawing for a complete set of my Burn It mix CDs, six of them in total. Plus, you get to feel good for helping support Heifer International, an incredible charity. That's such a deal!

The newest download is from an excellent CD inspired and produced by The Standard Hotel. It's a very sexy CD and this song was the opening track for last summer's Burn It CD the theme of which was music that made you want to get it on.

Llorca - The End (Hepop Original) (Like it? Then buy the CD.)

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Strange Habits

Okay, I'm going to confess to one of my weird habits. When sitting around the house I'm usually in a pair of boxer shorts and a t-shirt. Nothing wrong with that pairing, right? Well, lots of times I add a pair of high heels (usually my Burberry ones that I got on eBay) and my Tiara Happy Hour tiara. Why? Well, why not? As a matter of fact, here's my new pair of heels that I just bought and am currently wearing.

The latest download is also from that Banana Republic compilation that I mentioned earlier. I'm putting it up because it makes me feel like dancing in my pretty new shoes.

S-Tone Inc. - Rendez-Vous A Minuit (Like it? Then buy the CD.)

Thinking about new shoes, maybe I will get a new pair of Pastry shoes. I wish I was little because I think the Pastry Pop Stars shoes for babies are so cute.

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Playing the Skins

Thanks to my latest sponsor Marcus, I found a good way to pass some time by playing a virtual drumset. Kind of cool since I played percussion all through middle and high school. I even marched the bass drum, one of about three girls during my four years in my high school and our sister school down the street.

Since I mentioned marching bands, I thought I'd depart from the kind of downloads I've been doing and put up a Drum Corp International show. This is Santa Clara Vanguard performing one of their 1987 show including such pieces as Russian Christmas Music and Lezghinka, pieces that I marched in 1991 at the Hoosier Dome during Bands of America Grand Nationals. If you ever have a chance to see a live DCI show, I highly recommend going.

Santa Clara Vanguard - Russian Christmas Music

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Bad Kitty!

While I'm not a huge PETA fan (they really do go over the top a lot), they do have some pretty funny ad campaigns. My favorite is Bad Cats.

If you watched the video, you know why I chose this song.

D-Cru - We Got It Goin' On (Like it? Then buy the CD.)

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Bless Me, Father, For I Have Just Killed Quite a Few Men.

I'm a huge fan of both director Robert Rodriguez and Antonio Banderas, so needless to say, I loved the films Desperado and Once Upon a Time in Mexico (the extras on Once Upon a Time... were great, especially "The Robert Rodriguez Ten Minute Cooking School"). I thought casting Enrique Iglesias as a mariachi was pretty clever too, though I would totally get that mole removed if I were him. That Doritos commercial he was in where it looked like he was singing to that guy was pretty funny too.

You know, there was a point to this, but I'll be damned if I can remember what it was. Oh, well. It's a good set up for the next downloads, another two for one special.

Los Lobos & Antonio Banderas - Cancion Del Mariachi (Like it? Then buy the CD.)
Enrique Iglesias - Be With You (Thunderpuss 2000 Club Mix) (Like it? Then buy the CD.)

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A Heifer Success Story

Bernadina Maria Salgado had always struggled to help feed her family, especially after Hurricane Mitch destroyed her tiny community on the banks of Nicaragua’s El Zopilote River, forcing everyone to relocate.

But then Heifer came along, and Bernadina learned more than she ever imagined - and uncovered skills she never knew she had.

"Before, I had no way to help provide for my family, but today, I am the breadwinner!" said this grandmother of two young boys.

Bernadina and her grandchildren are one of several families – mostly headed by women – who are participating in a new Heifer project in Nicaragua. With the help of Heifer’s field staff (and one busy rooster), these women are learning how to turn the hen they received from Heifer into a major source of income.

From Devastation to Deliverance

After Hurricane Mitch flooded their homes in 1998, the women banded together to seek help. A Dutch relief organization, the Friends from Holland, helped them purchase six acres of land and build new homes. The Catholic Sisters of Carmen Laura in nearby El Viejo, and a group from Norwich, England, provided each home with a well, a sink and a latrine. And the Agros Foundation helped the community buy more land for farming.

A nearby sugar mill provides seasonal work for the men, but earns them less than $2 a day. So Heifer International got involved, with the goal not only to feed these families, but to provide another – more consistent – way for them to make a living.

That’s where the chickens come in. Chickens are perfect income-producing animals. By the time they’re six months old, chickens can lay up to 200 eggs a year; and their manure makes a great organic fertilizer for vegetable gardens.

As with every Heifer project, training and supplies were provided before a single chicken was distributed. The women learned how to build portable hen houses using local resources and how to feed and care for their hens.

"As Women, We No Longer Feel Alone"

Rosa Carmen Medina is another participant who’s proud of the skills she’s learned.
"Life has changed for women in many ways because of this project," she said. "Before, I did not understand things. The men were the breadwinners and said everything. But now the women are a part of the community. We are happy and more active with much more confidence. This project is not just for the women but the whole family. We are working together to make a difference."

And Rosa Maria Diaz Lopez feels blessed that her children no longer get sick.

“Thanks to God they are healthy because of these chickens," she said. "With the income we receive from the sale of eggs we buy soap and salt and things for our family. Without the project, we would have none."

"We eat 50 percent of the production and the other 50 percent we sell for profit," added Rosa Medina. "Most importantly, we can help others in our community who are having difficulties."

The participants meet regularly with Heifer staff and other experts for additional poultry management training, along with marketing and leadership-building workshops.

They agree that coming together to share their knowledge and resources is one of the best things about their new lives.

"As women, we no longer feel alone," said Bernadina. "Now we help each other the best we can."

Please go sponsor me so that more of these wonderful success stories can happen!

The next download is from Zero 7, another one of those lush, chill-out bands that I love so much. Their debut album Simple Things doesn't have a bad track on it, but this instrumental one is one of my favorites (another one of their songs made it onto last winter's Burn It CD).

Zero 7 - Likufanele (Like it? Then buy the CD.)

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A Long Way To Go

My mom came in a little while ago and asked me how many cokes I was planning on drinking. Since we're just over half way, I'm going to say a lot and then a lot more. The good new is, though, that I have a good chance of surviving this thing.

60 %

There's a 60 % chance that I'll survive the 'thon.
Will you survive the Blogathon?

I'm not sure what genre this next download belongs to. I would guess probably down tempo, but either way I love it. It's from the Animatrix which rocks for the storylines, the animation, and the music.

Peace Orchestra - Who Am I? (Animatrix Edit) (Like it? Then buy the CD.)

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Beauty In the Eye of the Beholder

The TypoGenerator is a random generator for 'typo posters' which is a poster, created from images (usually overlayed by some effects) and letters/text that doesn't have any sense, just to look good.

I love music from the 80s and for some reason, this song always sticks with me. The lyrics are probably cheesy to most, but I love them anyway.

Alan Parsons Project - Eye In The Sky (Like it? Then buy the CD.)

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Scary Story

This link reminded me of the world's shortest scary story, something I heard years and years ago:

The last man on Earth sat in his room. There was a knock on the door.

Do I really have to explain why I picked this song for the download?

Sting - Ghost Story (Like it? Then buy the CD.)

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Poker - One of My Other Vices

Figured since I'd been talking so much about drinking, it was time to bring up another vice of mine - gambling. You can't tell from this picture, but I'm about 300 out of 2,000 players right now. This isn't the big game I metioned earlier, though.

I love the movie Maverick. It's got gambling and Mel Gibson, so what's not to like? Plus it's got this great song on the soundtrack. Did you know that Clint Black was the gambler that got thrown overboard for cheating near the end of the movie?

Clint Black - A Good Run of Bad Luck (Like it? Then buy the CD.)

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Drink Me, Baby

Seems like all I talk about on here are drinks!

How to make a Kymberlie
Ingredients: 5 parts anger 5 parts arrogance 1 part beauty
Blend at a low speed for 30 seconds. Add sadness to taste! Do not overindulge!


Personality cocktail

(Link courtesy of Kristy.)

Well, a river has water in it and you can drink water, so here's the next download.

The Talking Heads - Take Me To The River (Like it? Then buy the CD.)

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Better When You're Drunk

Continuing my things are "better when you drink" theme, Taco Bell definitely tastes better after you've had a few. Usually I get a few tacos on the way home from the clubs and they are just delicious. I'm eating one right now, though, and it's just barely passable. Definitely not food of the gods. My Diet Cherry Coke, however, is very yummy.

The next song up for grabs is "Spin Spin Sugar" by the Sneaker Pimps. Why? Because I like saying the word pimp. Well, that and it's an awesome song.

Sneaker Pimps- Spin Spin Sugar (Like it? Then buy the CD.)

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If Only I Were Drinking...

It is amazing how hard it is to come up with a post every half hour. I knew the staying up twenty-four hours wouldn't be a big deal since I routinely go without sleep for thirty hours or more (damn insomnia!) but this "plumb your mind for *anything* to talk about" shit is for the birds.

Of course, if I had a drink I'd probably feel better and the posts would get more interesting. Since I still have thirteen hours (!) to go, though, there'd be no way I could drink that long and not pass out in front of my computer before the twenty-four hours were up. Maybe the last couple of hours will be done doing shots or something.

So, since I'm longing for a cocktail (preferably an apple martini), there's only one song to offer up - Hooverphonic's "Club Montepulciano." But what the hell is a piccadilly whore?

Hooverphonic - Club Montepulciano (Like it? Then buy the CD.)

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Happy Birthday, Anna!

Today's Anna's birthday, so I thought it only fair to dedicate a post to her. In honor of this momentous occasion, the download is The El Orbit's version of the birthday song.

The El Orbits - Deep In the Heart of Texas

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Fun With Physics

Time for another madlib! This time it's from Physics: Concepts and Connections by Art Hobson.

Person's name with -'s:
Abstract noun:
Plural noun:
Person's name with -'s again:
Verb ending in -ing:
Past-tense verb:
Noun from above:
Noun from above:
Noun from above:
Noun from above:

Here's another remix since I've already offered quite a few of these up for download.

Faith No More - Last Cup of Sorrow (Rammstein Remix) (Like it? Then buy the CD.)

Read more »

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Me So Hungry

I'm starving. What I wouldn't do to be at a steakhouse with a medium rare filet, an apple martini, and a baked potato sitting in front of me. Yummy.

This download is from one of those bands that just kind of disappeared - Book of Love. I remember back when I was in seventh grade I won tickets to see them at Splashtown, the local waterpark. I didn't get to go, but that's not such a great loss.

Btw, if you're enjoying all these great downloads (eighteen of them at last count), why not sponsor me for a few dollars? Hell, it's cheaper than iTunes.

Book of Love - Modigliani (Lost in Your Eyes) [Single Remix] (Like it? Then buy the CD.)

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Cry Havoc and Let Slip the Dogs of War

I just called Mike and Christine to try and find some blogging inspiration and make reminded me of my irritation with our next door neighbors.

We live on a dead end street that's not part of a subdivision so there's no deed restrictions. Usually I'm more than fine with that, but the next door neighbors (compounded by the fact that they are my aunt's brother and his wife) have seven dogs. Seven. Wtf do you need that many dogs for?

These dogs bark all the damn time. And when one barks, they must all join in. It's a total cacophony and it drives me crazy. I'm a huge animal lover, but if I had a gun, I would cheerfully shoot every one of them.

Anyway, this download is a favorite that I just can't get enough of for some weird reason. I can listen to it on repeat for hours.

Icicle Works - Birds Fly (Whisper To A Scream) (Like it? Then buy the CD.)

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Since Wendy's making me jealous by having her Sim mack down with all these guys she's in love with, I figured I'd list, in no particular order, some of my crushes:

David Beebe of The El Orbits, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, George Clooney, Tom Welling, Bruce Campbell, Sting, Goran Visnjic, Gary Oldman, James Spader, Michael Vartan, Hugh Grant, Hugh Jackman, Ewan McGregor, Seann William Scott, Colby Donaldson, Antonio Banderas, Johnny Depp, Christian Bale, Jason Statham, and Edward Norton.

The download this time? Something to put you in the mood.

Outkast - The Way You Move (Like it? Then buy the CD.)

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My Favorite Joke Ever

One day a man with no arms was walking down the street and thinking to himself that he really needed a job. He was passing a monastery when he noticed a help wanted sign in the window. Curious he went inside to inquire about the job.

He found a monk and asked him what the job was. The monk said, "My son, it's a bell ringer's position, but I don't think you could do the job." The man replied, "If I can prove to you that I can handle the job, can I have it?" The monk agreed, so they went to the belfry.

The man looked at the bell, looked at the monk, and looked back at the bell. He went to the furthest corner from the bell and then ran at it as fast as he could. He head struck the bell sending forth a beautiful chime, so the monk told him he had the job.

For the next two weeks everything was great. The bell was always on time and the monk couldn't have been more pleased. One day, coming back to the monastery, the monk noticed a huge crowd gathered outside and police all over the place. He hurried over to one of the cops to find out what happened.

The cop told him that apparently someone had committed suicide and took him over to ground under the belfry. The monk looked down and saw the bell ringer, who had run at the bell, missed, and fell out the belfry to his death. The cop asked him if he knew who it was. The monk replied, "Well, his face kind of rings a bell."

The next download is by one of my favorite artists ever, Sting. I love him and find it a huge tragedy that we're not together in his castle in England.

Sting - She Walks This Earth (Like it? Then buy the CD.)

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A Picture's Worth...

Still running out of things to say, so I wandered outside to get the mail and see if there was anything worthy of taking a picture. I loved the way that this one (my TiVo antennae ball) turned out.

I'm starting to feel a little cranky, so I decided to put up one of those "explicit lyric" songs that I love so much. Enjoy.

Cake - Nugget (Like it? Then buy the CD.)

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CSI Stars Return To Show

I'm a big fan of both CSI and CSI: Miami. I was very sad to hear a few weeks ago that Jorga Fox and George Eads who play Sara Sidle and Nick Stokes (Mmmmm. Nick Stokes.) were fired after holding out for more money on their contracts. Luckily, though, they've worked out their differences and are coming back to the show.

Another great thing about both CSIs is the music. I've got the CSI soundtrack already and just added the CSI:Miami soundtrack to my wishlist. Saying that, the download for this post is a special two for one deal. The first one is Clinic's "Come Into Our Room", my favorite song, and John M. Keane's "Grissom's Overture", my favorite score element, from the soundtrack.

Clinic - Come Into Our Room (Like it? Then buy the CD.)
John M. Keane - Grissom's Overture (Like it? Then buy the CD.)

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Prepared Project Blog Participants

As you can probably tell from the nature of my posts, I didn't really start this off with any kind of plan and now I'm pretty desperate for topics to talk about. If you want to check out some prepared bloggers, see the cool things these people are up to.

.: Angela is posting movie trivia
.: C.J. is taking a simulated cross country flight and posting screenshots
.: Wendy (who organized the whole thing) is posting screenshots from The Sims

Next year, if I do this again, I will totally come up with a kick ass theme first.

The download for this post is Simply Red's "Fairground." I bought their greatest hits for the songs "Star" and "Holding Back the Years" and ended up falling completely in love with this one too. It's got a great beat - something to get your toes tapping.

Simply Red - Fairground (Like it? Then buy the CD.)

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I am definitely low on things to talk about, so here's a picture of my dad's pug Roxanne taken with my Nokia 3650 camera phone and posted to my moblog.

The next download is one of my favorite examples of one group's lead singer (in this case Everything But the Girl) lending their talents to a different group. Everything about this song is incredible - the voice, the lyrics ("And save your line about needing to be free. All that's bullshit, babe. You just want rid of me."), and, most of all, the beat.

Massive Attack featuring Tracy Thorn - Better Things (Like it? Then buy the CD.)

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Six Feet Under Last Week

Did anyone else watch Six Feet Under last week? If so, what did you think of the episode? I really liked it, though I thought that it was going to end very badly for David. The only thing that bothered me is when that guy got out to dump the woman's body from the van, David should have floored it. Even though the guy had a gun he probably could have gotten away without getting shot.

The next song up for download is Thomas Newman's "Dead Already" from the American Beauty soundtrack and score. He also wrote the theme for Six Feet Under.

Thomas Newman - Dead Already (Like it? Then buy the CD.)

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Madlib - Shakespeare Style

I shamelessly stole Emily's idea of yesterday and have put up a famous Shakespearen soliloquy as a madlib. Feel free to leave your answers in the comments. Don't click the "Read More" until you're done.

Plural noun:
Plural noun:
Plural noun:
Verb ending in -ing:
Same verb from above:
A large number:
A profession or status (i.e. butcher or son):
Same verb from above:
Same verb from above:
Same verb from above:
Plural noun:
Past-tense verb:

Keeping with the Shakespearen theme, here's Shakespeare's Sonnet No. 18 put to music and sung by Bryan Ferry from the Diana Princess of Wales Tribute CD, another excellent compilation CD.

Bryan Ferry - Shakespeare's Sonnet No. 18 (Like it? Then buy the CD.)

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Movie Madness

As nuts as I am for movies, especially fun summer blockbusters, there's just nothing that I want to see at the theater right now. The only movies that I even want to see are Two Brothers and Spider-Man 2.

Speaking of movies, are there any that you love that everyone else just hates? Me, I'm a big fan of Natural Born Killers and even find it to be terribly romantic. That probably says something about me, though it might not be wise to figure out what.

The Natural Born Killers soundtrack is also a favorite of mine and this post's download is from it. Enjoy.

Leonard Cohen - The Future (Like it? Then buy the CD.)

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Project Blog's Gold Box

I haven't posted the items in my Gold Box in quite some time, so here's the ones from today.

.: Tanita BF 578 Family Scale Plus Body Fat Monitor with Glass Base - I always love cool looking scales like this though I have no desire to see how much body fat I have right now.

.: Tanita BF679 Duo Scale Plus Body Fat Monitor - I guess they figured maybe a cheaper scale might work since I passed on the first one, but they're wrong.

.: Remington WDF-6000 Smooth & Silky Ultra Womens Shaver-Rechargeable - I must admit that I mulled this one over. Ever since I had to get off of birth control pills due to that pesky pulmonary embolism, I've noticed that it's harder to get a close shave on my legs (I'm guessing due to the fact that I have less estrogen). Since I don't have a jo, though, at $53.99 I'm just going to have to pass. Maybe some day in the future.

.: Nesco 4816-47-30 6-Quart Roaster Oven with Nonstick Cookwell, Millennium Silver - guess I need to learn how to cook before I invest in something like this.

.: Visioneer One Touch 9000 USB Scanner - very cool looking scanner at a really cheap price. Of course, I have a scanner now that I don't use, so not something I really need.

.: Black & Decker G48TD Grill and Waffle Baker - I won a really cool waffle maker over a year ago that I have yet to use, so going to pass on this too.

.: Linksys USBHUB4C ProConnect Compact USB 4-Port Hub - I've got no need for this right now though that's a hell of a sell price. Pass.

.: Freshwater Cultured Pearl 7.0-7.5mm Pendant w/ Diamond (.05ct tw) on 14k Yellow Gold Chain, 18" - not a big fan of pearl jewelry, the only exception being a black pearl and pink stone bracelet that I bought from Sibling Rivalry. Pass.

.: KitchenAid KTT340WH 2-Slice, Two-Slot Digital Toaster with Bagel and Warm Functions, White - I don't need a toaster, but this one in red is incredibly cool looking. Totally going to get a red toaster next time I need one.

.: Zojirushi NHS-10AW 6-Cup Rice Cooker/Steamer, Indigo Blue - again, not in need of any cooking supplies.

Nothing I needed in the Gold Box today. Maybe I'll have better luck tomorrow.

The song for this post is Calexico's "Close Behind." My old co-worker Dan used to play this on Friday afternoons. Just something about the song always makes me feel free and happy and it was the perfect way to start off the weekend.

Calexico - Close Behind (Like it? Then buy the CD.)

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Caffeine. Must Get Caffeine.

Geez. I can't believe it's only 9:30 here and I am already at a loss for words. Must find something to blog about. Maybe I'll go wander outside and see if there's something interesting to take pictures of though this early I might just burst into flame if I'm exposed to sunlight. Must drink more caffeine. This orange juice isn't doing it for me any more.

Just a reminder, that I'm blogging for Heifer International one of the most amazing charities out there. Go read their inspiring stories of helping individuals become self-sufficient and, in turn, help out their communities. Then feel free to go sponsor me. Don't forget that every $5.00 you pledge gets your name into a drawing for a complete set of my Burn It CDs, six in total.

This post's download is 50 Cent's "In Da Club" remixed with Nine Inch Nail's "Closer" (which made it onto last summer's Burn It CD). Enjoy.

50 Cent - In Da Club (NIN Closer Remix) (Like it? Then buy the CD.)

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Before I'm Gone

Cricket (another Project Blog participant) has come up with the idea to create a meme based on the 100 Things About Me list that everyone did (You can read mine here. Did you know I once laid on a bed of nails?) except this time it's about things you plan on doing before you die called Before I'm Gone.

Right now my list is pretty skimpy. At the top, of course, is to get certified for skydiving since I loved my first time so much. What would be on your list?

The next song before offered up for download is Caia's "Afterwards @ the Bar," another song from that excellent Banana Republic compilation.

Caia - Afterwards @ the Bar (Like it? Then buy the CD.)

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Consumerism Compilations

I have a soft spot for compilation albums as evidenced by the fact that I own almost a hundred of them alone. One of my absolute favorites was picked up at Banana Republic of all places.

I was checking out when I noticed a jazz CD called Stir. I only recognized Moby and Llorca, but figured at $8.00, it was worth taking a chance on and I was definitely right. I've always wanted to like jazz, but it really wasn't until last year that I actually started to. Now, I love nothing more than being in a jazz bar (Sambuca's is a favorite) with an apple martini in hand, grooving to the music. Here's the first song from that CD, Yonderboi's "Pabadam." I love the song so much that I immediately put the entire Yonderboi CD on my my wishlist.

Yonderboi - Pabadam (Like it? Then buy the CD.)

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We're now an hour into Project Blog and I'm feeling alright depsite the fact that I only got like five hours of sleep after staying up all day Friday so I would be exhausted and go to bed early (yeah, that didn't work so well).

As you can tell from my Netflix page, I've just run through the first two seasons of Smallville and I really love the show, though the fact that Tom Welling is gorgeous doesn't hurt either.

Anyway, Smallville always reminds me of this great short story "Superman's Diary" by B. Brandon Barker that I read in The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror: Eighth Annual Collection. (I always have a softspot for that particular book in that excellent series since it was the first one I read. It had Stephen King's O. Henry winning story "The Man in Black" - the reason I hunted the book down to buy.)

"Superman's Diary" is about the dichotomy that Clark Kent/Superman must go through in his life. Superman's dating Lois Lane, but their relationship is based on competiveness. Lois, though, starts an affair with Clark and that relationship is based on love and tenderness. Clark/Superman is pulled between the two natures of his life and trying to decide what he's going to do about it. I always think of how great Smallville captures that dichotomy.

This half hour's download is my favorite of the Superman songs that seemed to come out at the same time, the one that captured that longing to be normal the best - Five For Fighting's "Superman (It's Not Easy)." Btw, their name comes from the hockey term, something Christine and I learned playing the Trivial Pursuit Pop Culture DVD Game one night.

Five For Fighting - Superman (It's Not Easy) (Like it? Then buy the CD.)

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I Just Can't Get Enough

I'm finally starting to wake up a little, though I still don't know what the hell I'm going to talk about today besides these downloads! It's still too early to think.

This download is one I have courtesy of Mikey. It's become one of my favorites and it just might get me going this morning. Nothing like a Depeche Mode/Eminem mix to wake you up.

Freelance Hellraiser - Can't Get Enough Pills

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Good Morning!

Good morning! This is my first post for Project Blog, the only reason that would make me get up this early that doesn't involve jumping out of an airplane.

As promised, here's the first of my mp3s for download, Fleetwood Mac's "As Long As You Follow." I've always been a Fleetwood Mac/Stevie Nicks fan and this is my favorite song by Fleetwood Mac. Not only are the lyrics beautiful and poignant, but the melody always makes me wish I was dancing with someone I love. As always, do the right click and :Save As" thing please.

Fleetwood Mac - As Long As You Follow (Like it? Then buy the CD.)

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