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Tuesday, April 13, 2004

No 24

Damn it! Why is Duhbya on tonight? I want to watch 24! I checked Fox and it said 24 would air on Sunday which, of course, conflicts with Alias. Fucker. Like I want to hear what he has to say.

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Thursday, April 1, 2004


I went online today to pay my credit card bill and was puzzled by a charge of $173.25 from Yahoo! Geocities. I called Yahoo! and apparently, despite them not even having a current credit card, they've been charging me for hosting for my old Geocities site that I don't even think has been updated in four years. When I signed up for Yahoo! Personals this month and updated my billing information they hit me for the last thirty-five months of hosting.

I asked to speak to a supervisor and he told me that since I hadn't actually cancelled the service (and who knows if I did or not? It's been three freaking years!), they've continued to bill and tough shit, I have to pay it (paraphrasing here, but he was an unhelpful jackmonkey). I hung up on him and called my credit card company to dispute the charges. Their friendly customer rep said that Geocities was responsible for at least notifying me of the billing, so I hope I have a leg to stand on when fighting this charge. I certainly don't want to pay $200 for a website that has animated gifs and embedded midi files everywhere. Jackmonkeys.

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Monday, October 27, 2003

If You Don't Have Anything Nice To Say...

As you've probably noticed with my constant references to BookCrossing, I've become really involved in the whole thing. I've even started over ten Bookrings/rays (a list of people sign up for a book, one reads it, passes it to the next, and so on and so on).

I sent out my first ring way back on September 6th. I even included two of my Burn It CDs as thanks since that person was the first to sign up for any of my rings. I never heard an acknowledgment of them, much less a thanks, which I thought was kind of rude, but I let it go. I've also sent this person three books off my shelf with no trade required simply because they asked and I'm a nice person.

That person's had my bookring for just about two months now and there are almost thirty people behind them on the list. I sent an e-mail saying, "Sorry to bother you, but when do you think you can pass it on? There are lots of people behind you and I'd like to keep the ring moving. Thanks!" I get back this in reply, "Hmm... Well, when I don't have two tests to study for or a book to read or a course packet to read or a report to do or a job to find or a cat to find, catch and take to the apl.... then I will attempt to finish the extremely boring book you sent me."

How fucking rude can you be? I send you this book (and others) for you to read, state in the sign up rules to feel free to take your time with the book, but make it reasonable, and you jump on me about the book being boring and you'll get to it when you can? If the book's so fucking boring, send it to the next reader. They had actually requested more books from me, but I'll be damned if they get them or get put on another ring of mine.

I've had such amazingly positive experiences at BookCrossing and I'm pissed that this person has sullied it. Ungrateful fucker.

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Thursday, August 21, 2003

Lucky in Love?

Well, I must be lucky in love, because I am having the shittiest card luck! I can't win a hand over at Pogo in gin and I just got outdrawn on like a motherfucker to finish in fourth place (one out of the money, mind you) in a poker tournament. Argh!

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Monday, July 14, 2003

Hunting For Bambi - The Degradation of Women

Today my buddy Dan sent me to a story on one of Las Vegas's news channels about a new sport they have there called Hunting for Bambi (link goes to the news story).

The premise is that men pay up to $10,000 to go into the desert around Las Vegas and hunt naked women with paintball guns. Safety is encouraged, but not for the women who are only allowed to wear tennis shoes. As the owner says, "I don't go deer hunting and see a deer with a football helmet on so I don't want to see one on my girl either." Keep in mind that these paintballs travel at about 200 miles per hour and usually draw blood when they hit their target. The owner encourages the hunters not to hit the girls above the chest, but he said that not everyone complies.

At the end, the hunter receives a video of his hunt, complete with the victor holding (and in the case of the guy on the video - fondling) their kill. The half-wit on the video completely sickened me by gloating how he got the one with the biggest rack and how he'd like to mount her.

I was completely disgusted that there is a market for this. One of the losers in the video kept talking about how this was just a game and good, clean fun, though I'm not sure how expressing violent actions against women was good, clean fun.

I went to the website for the "sport" and was horrified to see how violent and degrading their viewpoint really is.

Here are a few quotes from the site:

  • Women are screaming with fear as our Team Bambi hunters track them down and blast them...
  • This is our "Liars, Cheaters and Whore Bags" Photo Gallery. Every single "Bitch" got what she deserved!
  • Here are just a few "Bimbo's" we shot and mounted. Then we hung them on the wall.....
  • hunt one of our Bambi sluts
  • Whether it is a fat ass cow or a perfect 10 we have an abundance of these beauties.
  • ...shoot one of these nagging whinny bitches where it hurts and shut her the fuck up. Then mount her like a "Real Man".
  • ...hunts that will shock you for life as well as give you a new outlook on women.

How can anyone think that something that espouses this kind of hatred and violence towards women could be a good thing? Is it any wonder that violence against women is so high in this country? Something like this goes beyond objectification and turns into dehumanization. How long is it before someone participating in this can't even relate to women as people any more?

As the creator of the "sport" says that the "goal is to be as true to nature as possible." How the fuck is this being true to nature? The pictures on the site show women men standing over women and firing their guns at them, pulling women by their hair, and women with fake (I hope) blood on their face. How can someone participate in this and think it's harmless? Think that this doesn't make a difference in how they look at women?

I truly do weep for humanity. Don't these people have wives, daughters, mothers, sisters, or friends? Would they want someone to do this to a woman in their life? This is some of the sickest shit I've ever seen and I hope that there's a nice spot in hell for the creator of this "sport." I pray that the psychologist on the video was wrong about this being every man's fantasy.

Oh, and speaking of the jackass creator, he hopes that he gets sued so that he'll get more publicity. Let's just hope it's not because someone gets killed out there, seriously injured, or raped.

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Wednesday, May 21, 2003

Access Problems

I got home yesterday with a brand new Ryukin goldfish to add to our fishy family. While floating him (helps the fish adjust to the new water temperature) I went to go check my e-mail only to find that the Internet was down. I called Road Runner and learned that there were outages in the area and they had no idea when it would be up. Unfortunately, it was still down when I got up this morning, so while I'm hoping I have access when I get home, I'm not necessarily betting on it.

BlogShares has been real volatile today, so I'm goint to be pissed if I can't get on tonight and everything crashes and my portfolio makes takes a dive. I am this close to being a millionaire.

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Monday, April 7, 2003

Food Curses

Sometimes I feel like I'm cursed when I try to get something to eat.

When I used to go to the Popeye's Chicken by my parents' house, they were out of chicken breasts. The Pizza Hut up the street has been out of personal pans, which I completely don't understand. They have the pans and they have the dough - how can they be out? I've even been to Taco Cabana when they've been out of tacos!

Today I was trying to find something for lunch where I could use my credit card and have some leftovers to bring my buddy Dan. After much thinking, I decided upon pasta fagioli soup and toasted raviolis from The Olive Garden.

I've really worked myself up for this lunch so I drive the two minutes over to the restaurant and get seated. The waitress comes over to take my drink order and I tell her I'm ready to order everything. I say toasted raviolis and she goes, "Oh, we're out of those."

I always want to scream at the person, "How can you be out of such and such?" but I just picked up my stuff and had an unsatisfying lunch at James Coney Island. I hate wanting something and then not being able to get it. Nothing else tastes good after that.

I know this isn't anything serious to bitch about, but it seems to always happen to me. Grrrrr.

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Sunday, March 30, 2003

Dell Hell

Dear Dell Tech Support,

The reason I bought an extended warranty on my computer is because I don't want to have to open it up and fuck around with things inside. I was more than patient trying cable connections a few times, but after a while, it's ridiculous.

The CD-RW does not even have a light coming on. The drive is obviously bad as we determined when you had me move the power supply and ribbon cables about five times. When you start wanting me to move pins around (whatever the hell those are), that's when I draw the line. Send somebody the fuck out here to fix my computer. I hate mucking around in the box and please explain to me why it's a good idea to have customers fucking around in there anyway.

I have a pretty good idea what I'm doing, but I would assume that most people would be uncomfortable with messing around in there; I know I am. Having me unplug and plug things in four or five times is obviously not going to fix something. If I had wanted to be a technician, I would have choosen that field. Instead I want you to come fix it for me. Thanks for finally understanding that an hour into our experience together.

I do think I will be sending a nasty letter to you, especially since the guy who I spent the most time with on the phone thought I was talking about an added DVD drive, though I must have said a million times that these drives came with it when I bought it.

To sum up, I don't mind doing troubleshooting with you, but when it comes to a hardware problem that can't be fixed without opening the box, that means send out a technican.


Kymberlie the girl with the headache after fucking around with you all afternoon

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Wednesday, March 26, 2003

SUVs From Hell

Joelle's post reminded me that I haven't bitched on here about my new least favorite people on Earth - those idiots that have bought the monstrosity known as the Hummer 2.

I see these things all over the place and I can't figure out what the fuck you need one of these for in Houston. It's not like this is jungle terrain with huge mountains and treacherous hazards. Hummer 2s don't fit in a parking space and they barely fit in a normal lane on the road. I hate SUVs anyway, but the size of this excessive gas guzzler (gets a whooping 8 to 10 miles per gallon) drives me insane. I can't see around them, I can't park next to them, and people that drive them always tend to be assholes who think the rules don't apply to them.

I was heading towards The Galleria and was stopped in a long line of traffic to get onto the feeder which always happens around rush hour. This fucker in a Hummer decides that his time is too precious to wait, so he drives his car off the highway, over the little grassy hill, and on to the feeder bypassing like fifteen cars. What the fuck made you so special that you don't have to wait like everyone else?

It kills me how people buy these things and spout about how safe they are. Yes, safe for you, but you're going to kill anyone you hit, even in a relatively minor crash. Crashes between an SUV, particularly one of this size, become exponentially more dangerous for the other driver.

For the love of god, people, get rid of these over-priced, dangerous, ecological nightmares and drive a sensible car.

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Monday, February 17, 2003

UPS Man, Where Are You?

Where the hell is the UPS man? I want my wireless keyboard and mouse! Figures that getting a prize delivered would be a Herculean task.

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Saturday, January 18, 2003

Weird Questions

I don't know if it's just me, but ever since I was in high school people always felt that I must know everything. I would get asked weird shit everyday from, "Do you know where the janitor's closet is?" to "Why are chuches built with such big ceilings?"

It's true that I am a font of useless information, but I swear, I must get five questions a day on both this blog and on Picture Fish of the most random variety. I post a picture of seahorses, I get asked,
"Where can you buy seahorses because I want to raise them?" I ask if anyone has heard of a certain type of jewelry and I get several people asking me to supply them with more information on the jewelry.

It's obvious that these people aren't your typical blog readers and probably aren't that Internet savvy, but sometimes I just get annoyed at all the random cries for help.

For pity's sake, read the post, realize I don't raise seahorses, am not a jewelry manufacturer, and ask the RIGHT people these questions. Damn!

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Monday, November 4, 2002

Damn Healthcare Industry

As you might recall from the early days on my blog here, I've had stomach issues for a long time and finally decided to go see a doctor in early March about it. After an endoscopy it turns out I have gastritis (inflammed tummy) and acid reflux. The worst part of this whole ordeal has got to be the screw-ups with my bills.

My doctor is covered under my insurance but the group of doctors he works with is not. Inevitably, the bills get submitted under the group name, not the doctor name, so I have to call both the insurance company and the doctor's office and try and get it all straightened out.

The last go around was for $293 worth of lab work that should have been 80% covered, but of course, was shown as to be my responsibility entirely. The nice lady at the doctor's office finally argued with the insurance people herself and told me not to worry until I saw another bill from them. I get the statement of benefits today and it was like the heavens had opened up. I only owe $42! Yeah! I continue to go through the mail and get to another bill from my doctor for a $200 office visit from February. WTF? They're only supposed to be $15! Upon closer inspection, it too was submitted under the group name meaning that tomorrow I get to start the process all over again.

Since processing claims are these people's jobs, you'd think that maybe one of these might be right. Fucking healthcare industry. I could just scream.

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Friday, November 1, 2002

Damn Monitor

I am so pissed at my damn monitor. Several months ago it was acting up so I took it to Best Buy and they repaired it (I bought that extended warranty thing, so it was covered for repairs). Today I sit down in front of the computer, turn it on, it starts, suddenly turns into a solid bar of color, and dies. I am currently on the oldest, darkest monitor in the world that is all of fifteen inches. I had planned to play EverQuest for several hours before we went to dinner, but the screen is so dark, I can't see where I'm going. This sucks! My manager said I could borrow one of the monitors from work, so here's to hoping I can convince Steven to go over there tonight so I can play games all weekend.

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Monday, September 23, 2002

Game Manual Please!

As I mentioned before, my copy of Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom came in Friday. Due to a busy weekend, tonight was the first night I got a chance to play it. While it's essentially the same game as Zeus: Master of Olympus, they've added some new changes to the game, so I wanted to read the manual. I open the box and it's like, "Manual? What manual?" For whatever reason, Sierra/Impressions Games have decided not to include a paper manual, but instead give it to you as a 150 page PDF. Since I wanted to read through it, I've spent the last three hours printing the bloody thing and I'm still going to have to three-hole punch it and put it in a binder. How freaking annoying! For most games I don't usually bother with manuals, but for strategy/city building games, they can really come in handy. I hope this doesn't become a trend amongst game publishers.

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Thursday, September 19, 2002

Pre-Ordering = More Time

Since I always have Amazon gift certificates, I tend to pre-order a lot of books and movies from them. The latest: Monsters, Inc. What is driving me crazy, though, is that the movie came out on Tuesday, all the others items say, "Usually ships in 24 hours," but all my stuff is STILL sitting there after three days. I've noticed in the past (like last week when I pre-ordered Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom) that it takes longer for a pre-ordered item to ship than if you would have just waited and placed the order the day it came out. Anyone else notice this? Is it just me?

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Wednesday, August 7, 2002

Spam Spam Spam Spam

I swear, I am getting ready to block all yahoo and hotmail e-mail that comes to my e-mail account. Almost all the spam I've been getting lately is coming from one of those two domains. I've gotten spam from,, and Also from,, and Gee, think these are the same people signing up for a new account after they get blocked? I'm thinking so. In this day and age with hosting so cheap and better services than yahoo and hotmail, I don't know why people haven't upgraded. I'm so sick and tired off all the spam from those domains that, if you're a buddy of mine on one of those services, I'll give you one of my e-mail accounts to use for free. Just let me get rid of all this spam. Man, I wish all fucking spammers would just DIE!

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Thursday, July 25, 2002

Disaster Is Imminent

My day is rapidly going from bad to worse. Never a good sign when you notice all the ingredients needed for disaster popping up.

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Sunday, July 7, 2002

Common Courtesy

There is some asshole standing outside our condo shooting firecrackers off. On Sunday night. At midnight. Don't they think people might have to work tomorrow? Idiots.

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Lucky In Love?

I must be lucky in love because god knows I'm not lucky in cards or dominoes lately. I've gone from almost being rated expert at Pogo in dominoes to almost beginner in just a few days. Every poker tournament I've played in I've placed sixth or lower when I usually can get at least third and get into the money. I don't know what lucky icon I've lost to make my luck plummet like it has, but I wish I knew so I could get out of this evil, luckless funk!

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Wednesday, July 3, 2002

Every Hear of Privacy?

In Iowa a judge has ruled that several area hospitals and Planned Parenthood must give up their records after a newborn baby was found in a trash compactor (read the story here). The director of the Planned Parenthood is refusing and the judge is going to throw her in jail unless she turns over the records on Friday.

What gets me is that there is no evidence that the baby's mother even went to a local hospital or PP. If I was planning on hiding a pregnancy like this woman more than likely did, the last thing I would have done is get the test at a hospital or somewhere that keeps records when I can buy one at the drugstore for a couple of bucks. This seems like such a massive invasion of privacy with little chance of actually finding the woman. What are they going to do? Call every person who tested positive and say, "Excuse me. Are you still pregnant? Can you prove that you either had a baby or a miscarriage? Can we test your DNA?" This is just so wrong. I hope that the director of PP stands her ground and doesn't give in.

(Link courtesy of Nancy)

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Wednesday, June 26, 2002

Can We Make It Three and a Half More Years?

I only hope we can make it through three and a half more years so that his vision doesn't come true.

(Link courtesy of Rob)

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Monday, June 17, 2002

Die, Spammers, Die!

I have been inundated lately with spam. I just recently switched to my Neurotic Fishbowl account, so it's driving me crazy that I'm already gets lots of spam in that one, never mind the accounts I've had for years that get tons of spam every day. I don't know if it's helping or not, but I've started reporting all my spam to SpamCop. I figured it only takes me a couple of minutes to copy and paste the e-mail in their report form and send the form out. Maybe some people will get shut down because of it. Anyone out there use SpamCop? Does it do any good?

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Friday, June 7, 2002


I work for 4 Guys Interactive. We're a kick-ass web development company that does great work and I'm very happy to work there. We have a great website, but there is a problem with having an awesome website - people steal it!

One of our employees was doing a search today for our boss's name and came across a company called Atlantis Designs. The reason our boss's name came up on their website is that they stole our design and even some of our content (that's how Dave's name got pulled up through a search).

Now we've had lots of companies steal our design in the past, but this is the most blatant one we've ever seen. What a bunch of losers. They're a web design company, but they can't even make up their own design for their site.

4 Guys Interactive versus Atlantis Designs

See any similarities?

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Tuesday, June 4, 2002


Why, oh why, must it always be freezing at my desk? Brrrrr!

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Monday, May 13, 2002

I Should Be Dancing...

I'm missing dance class right now because I have to work and I am pissed. Damn it.

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Thursday, May 9, 2002

Insane Day

It's been an absolutely insane day for reason I don't want to even get into. I'm glad it's over.

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Wednesday, May 8, 2002

An Open Letter

To the Stupid Bitch That Was Driving the Explorer At My Gym:

I know it's too much to ask that you look behind you when you back out of a space in your behemoth vehicle, so I watched and stopped far short of you since you weren't going to see me. However, I don't think it's too much that when I am driving through the parking lot and have the right of way that you don't suddenly decide to pull in front of me. You saw me coming and you knew I had right of way. Damn straight if you do something like that I'm going to honk at you and raise my hands in a "WTF are you doing?" gesture. Obviously, though, you are the only person on the road that matters since I watched you making lane changes all over the place without your blinkers. I'd wish that you would get in a wreck, but in your car, all you'd do is total someone else's. So here's wishing that you have a shitty day tomorrow and learn how to drive, you idiot.


Kymberlie, the girl in the Miata that you obviously could have given a damn about running over

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Tuesday, May 7, 2002

Conspiracy? I Vote Yes!

It must be a conspiracy that the week I start to try and drink eight glasses of water a day, the main water valve breaks in our office building and they set the air to sixty degrees. Between the toilet not being able to flush, the freezing cold air (which always makes me have to pee even worse), and the four glasses of water that I've drunk so far, this morning is starting to be a bit uncomfortable. Good thing I'm uncouth and don't care if that toilet flushes! ;-)

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Monday, May 6, 2002

Verisign Sucks!

I read about Verisign giving away to another person on the authority of a faked document on Friday, but with the computer situation and the busy weekend, didn't get to post about it. If you haven't heard how badly Verisign screwed Leslie Harpold go read this article and then avoid Verisign like the plague. Verisign sucks!

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Friday, May 3, 2002

Weekend Dilemnas

Why, oh why, is the weekend I get my new computer the weekend we have friends coming over tonight, my brother's college graduation tomorrow, and a Greek Orthodox Easter picnic to attend on Sunday? All my other weekends have been completely blank. The one weekend I really, really want to be on my computer and I can't! ~pout~

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Tuesday, April 30, 2002

Foul Mood

I must have woken up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. Only been at work for twenty minutes and already two or three issues have arisen and I'm in a bad mood. Grrrrr!

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Friday, April 26, 2002


Ever have one of those days that you just know is going to turn out bad and it does? I am in limbo waiting to hear from a client, imaging the myriad of things that will go wrong in the conversation. I was so relaxed when I was on vacation and now I'm back to my stiff-as-a-board neck and shoulders. Next time I go on vacation, I'm taking the whole fucking week off.

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Friday, April 19, 2002

Rub Me, Damn It!

I made an appointment with the beauty college by my gym for an intern massage about two weeks ago for this afternoon. Yesterday I got a call from them asking me if I could move my appointment up to 11:30 (it was supposed to be at 3:30). I told them I had actually planned on taking the afternoon off from work so I couldn't do that. They said it would be no problem and that they would see me tomorrow. I get a call today around noon from the beauty college. It seems the internist had a "family emergency" and wouldn't be able to make the appointment and they had no one else who could give it. Considering she called me yesterday to try and change the time, I doubt seriously that she had an unrelated family emergency this afternoon. I ended up making an appointment with a local day spa since I have so much tension in my neck and back and want to be completely relaxed when we leave on Sunday. It's going to cost me an extra $40, but Christine was kind enough to buy me lunch, so since I saved money there, I saw screw it, I'm going to get on anyway. :-) I'll be leaving work pretty soon, so the next time I post, I'll be one relaxed neurotic fish!

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Thursday, April 11, 2002

Stupid Idiot

I just had a client call me. A client who I've been trying to get to return my call since December so we can work on his site. He proceeds to say that he wants us to finish the programming immediately because he "doesn't want us dragging this out." If he would have been speaking to me in person, I would have gone for his throat. Die, you bastard, die!

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Sunday, March 24, 2002

I'm Going to Start Using Crack...

These damn commercials equating drug use with funding for terrorists drive me crazy. I hate these commercials so much I am going to start using crack. Grrrr.

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Monday, March 11, 2002

Child Pageants Or "How To Make Your Kid Look Like a Hooker"

We went to Steven's best friend's house this weekend for his dad's seventy-ninth birthday. Me and the only other two girls there under thirty-five ended up in the bedroom watching a special on beauty pageants for kids.

I was appalled by the spectacle that is beauty pageants for small children. I saw one father encourage his six year old to flirt with the judge. Hello! Do you want your child molested? Would that be okay as long as she won? Don't even get me started on the little girls who were in short shorts and halter tops and who were "shaking it." They haven't even hit puberty yet! There is nothing to shake! They had one year olds in makeup and teased hair.

WTF are the kids supposed to be getting out of this? They little girl that ended up winning the big pageant at the end looked exhausted and unhappy throughout most of the show. I felt so sorry for her. Her trailer trash mother has spent about $70,000 so far on pageants. The prize money for her big win: $2,500.

It was really depressing to watch and the strange, latent sexuality that ran through it made me want to strangle all of the parents. I suppose the grand scheme behind all of this madness is that eventually the girl may win a modeling contract or break into show business. The only thing I see happening, though, is yet another little girl learning that the only thing that counts is the way she looks and that if you flirt with the old men in power you may get something.

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Friday, March 8, 2002

May She Rot in Hell

I read the most appalling news story today. In Fort Worth, a woman hit a homeless man and left him to die on her windshield. The story goes like this:

This evil bitch, who had been drinking and taking Ecstasy, hits a homeless man who becomes lodged in her broken windshield. He begs her to take him to a hospital. She ignores him, drives home with him still stuck in her windshield, parks in her garage, has sex with her boyfriend, and then waits two days for him to die. Her and three friends then dump his body. The kicker: he wouldn't have died if she had taken him to a hospital.

What gets me is that her attorney actually said, "She is not the monster that police and prosecutors are making her out to be. She was simply a frightened, emotionally distraught young woman who had an accident, panicked and made a wrong choice." I don't think this constitutes as a wrong choice. This was murder, plain and simple. To do something like this you have to be completely soulless. She said she went out to the garage and apologized to him, so I guess that makes it okay. He's begging with her not to let him die and to please take him to a hospital, but because she apologized, she's not a monster.

Stories like this make me sick to my stomach. How can people have such a disregard for others? What the hell happened to people? It seems that things like this happen all the time. I feel like we're headed for hell in a hand basket. She's in Texas where we have the death penalty, but I hope they don't give it to her. I hope she spends the rest of her life in jail and it's hell on earth for her. Fucking evil bitch.

(Link courtesy of Robyn)

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Tuesday, March 5, 2002

Usability - We Don't Need No Stinking Usability!

‹rant›I have a Tyfolio on that allows me to keep a database of what Beanie Babies I have (I've got over 260. I'm sick; what can I say?). When I registered almost a year ago, somehow I must not have clicked on the "I'm over 18" link that was included in the registration e-mail so my registration has never been completed. I wanted to send someone a link to my Tyfolio, but since I'm not fully registered, I can't. I e-mailed Ty to let them know that I'm having problems with this and can't find a place on their site to update my registration info. I get an e-mail back saying it's in the e-mail they originally sent, go click there. I e-mail them back explaining that I no longer have a copy of the e-mail, could they please send me another. They e-mail me back to say that the e-mails are automatically generated and they can't do that. I can re-register, though, if I like. I politely explain to them that re-registering would mean entering my extensive collection again, and they basically say, "Tough shit." How annoying that they didn't plan this out better from a usability stand-point. I work at a web development company, so this is something that someone should have noticed. It just bugs me that I can't just have my registration changed. Grrrr!‹/rant›

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Friday, March 1, 2002

An Irritable Fish

I have been absolutely irritated by everything today - the co-workers that drink the last Coke and don't put more in the fridge, my brother and his unrealistic expectations of life, my idiot clients, and more. I'm sure part of it is hormones at work and that I have that damn endoscopy procedure Monday. I just want to kill someone or break something. Grrrrrr.

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Thursday, February 28, 2002

I Hate Telemarketers!

‹rant›I'm sitting here doing my online focus group and already three telemarketers have called. The last one kept asking when Steven would be available and would not let it go. Has anyone tried The Telezapper? If it works, I would buy one in a heartbeat. We stay up really late during the weekends (well, all the time really, but I digress), so if you call my house before noon, I want you dead. Don't call me! Ever!‹/rant›

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Friday, February 22, 2002

Morning Rant

I just have to rant about this this morning.

‹rant›If you are drinking the last Coke in the refrigerator (or one of the last ones) and there are two six packs sitting on the floor next to you, reach down there and put one or both of them in the refrigerator so the next person will have a cold Coke, damn it! It's not that fucking difficult! Be considerate of your coworkers!‹/rant›

Thank you.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2002

WTF Is Wrong With People?

I found this news article while surfing today: first-grader wrecks car with dad at his side.

‹rant›What the hell is wrong with people? I drives me crazy the way I see people exercising no control over the screaming, obnoxious, self-centered brats. I must admit I'm not a big fan of children (gasp!), but it seems to me that people are not bothering to raise their children at all. You are the parent. You are supposed to teach your children to behave in public and to respect people around them. Is it any wonder that the world seems to be heading for hell in a handbasket? If I would have behaved the way that I see lots of kids behaving when I was their age, I would have been in big trouble, believe you me. I am definitely not for being a total dictator to your kids, but they do have to have some discipline. And for all parents that bring their children into R-rated movies - quit doing it! I cannot remember the last movie that I've seen in the past three years that didn't have a small child or baby in it. Please, show the people around you some common courtesy.‹/rant ›

(Link courtesy of Christine)

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