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Saturday, May 11, 2002

Car Shopping

Been kind of a lazy day. Steven is paying off his C-class Mercedes in July and one of his friends offered to buy it at a pretty good price, so we went to the new Mercedes dealer up the street to look at their CLK coupes. Very nice. I'm personally hoping he trades up.

Anyway, we spent the rest of the day lazing around and watching some Tivo stuff and we'll probably go to Lupe Tortillas for dinner in a bit with his brother Alex. Hope everyone is having a great Saturday!

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Friday, May 10, 2002

Thursday Threesome

Since I had such a terrible day yesterday and there doesn't appear to be a Friday Five, I'll do Deb's Thursday Threesome now.

Onesome. Hold Me. What's your first remembrance of holding an infant (or if you aren't into kids - a baby animal) ? Feel free to talk about other stand-out holding memories. I really don't like kids and avoid holding infants for the most part. The first time I remember holding a baby animal is when we got a little tiger-striped kitten we named Tiger (very original, no?). Unfortunately she was hit by a car later, but I still remember her.

Twosome. Thrill Me. Up for a thrilling ride? Tell us, do you seek the thrill rides at the amusement park or is the carousel more your speed? Thrill rides all the way, baby! I love rollercoasters and always fantasize about joining one of those rollercoaster clubs where the members travel all over the country to ride the different rides.

Threesome. Kiss Me. Come on - kiss and tell - at least, tell us about your first *real* kiss. I was a freshman in high school and was about a month and a half shy of my fifteenth birthday. There was this cute junior in my Spanish class (at least I think he was in my Spanish class) named Randall Hall. He was tall, cute, blonde, and pitcher on the baseball team. We had been flirting and I was so nervous around him. One day he offered to drive me home, but we had to stop at his house first so he could get his work uniform (he worked at the Eckerd's near my house). No one else was home and I remember being so nervous when he kissed me very slowly and thoroughly. He was a great kisser and though he ended up making out with my friend later and was obviously a jerk, it was still a nice first kiss.

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I Am So Excited!

After the fiasco that yesterday turned into, today is going much, much better. Two clients of mine that I have been trying to get launched for a very long time called and approved everything so we can make their sites live. One went live today and one will go live next Tuesday or Wednesday. I feel like I've accomplished something and I am so happy. Yeah! I love Fridays! :-)

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Thursday, May 9, 2002

Insane Day

It's been an absolutely insane day for reason I don't want to even get into. I'm glad it's over.

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Wednesday, May 8, 2002

An Open Letter

To the Stupid Bitch That Was Driving the Explorer At My Gym:

I know it's too much to ask that you look behind you when you back out of a space in your behemoth vehicle, so I watched and stopped far short of you since you weren't going to see me. However, I don't think it's too much that when I am driving through the parking lot and have the right of way that you don't suddenly decide to pull in front of me. You saw me coming and you knew I had right of way. Damn straight if you do something like that I'm going to honk at you and raise my hands in a "WTF are you doing?" gesture. Obviously, though, you are the only person on the road that matters since I watched you making lane changes all over the place without your blinkers. I'd wish that you would get in a wreck, but in your car, all you'd do is total someone else's. So here's wishing that you have a shitty day tomorrow and learn how to drive, you idiot.


Kymberlie, the girl in the Miata that you obviously could have given a damn about running over

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Another Eight

I drank another eight (or nine, I lost count) glasses of water today. I'm doing really good on the water thing so far despite the fact that I am running to the bathroom every ten minutes. Two days in a row that I have achieved my goal. Go, me!

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A Tribute

I just read the most wonderful article about The X-Files and why it was such an amazing show.

I admit, I was very disappointed when Mulder left and didn't like the show for quite some time. It does appear that it's starting to get its legs back underneath it, but now it is ending. As much as I will miss The X-Files, though, I'm glad they choose to go out while the show was still good as opposed to dragging it along for a few more years.

I will miss you, Mulder, Scully, Skinner, Doggett, and Reyes. It's been a wonderful ride and I thank you for the wonderful memories.

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It's a Group Thing: Part X

I met Steven for lunch today and went to the mall afterwards. The pet store was near the entrance I went in, so I wandered in to pet the bunnies and to see if they had any puppies out. To my delight they had a miniture pinscher, a yorkie terrier, a miniture poodle, and a pomeranian in the play area. I sat on the bench to play with them and at several points was absolutely covered in puppies. It was so fun, so in honor of those little guys, today's "It's a Group Thing" is:

A Piddle of Puppies

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Subscribe To a Post

Thanks to Lynda, I was able to fix my problem and now you can subscribe to a post and have all comments automatically e-mailed to you. It's yet another nifty little tip from The Scripty Goddesses!

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Tuesday, May 7, 2002


I'm trying to implement the cool little "subscribe to comments" feature that The Scripty Goddesses created, so if you try and leave any comments you're going to get an error. Feel free to e-mail me in the meantime, though, if you like.

Update: The script's having some issues, but I backed up my templates before hand, so we're back to comments with no subscribe. Btw, thanks, Lynda, for your help tonight!

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Wander-Lust Problems

My syndication code for Wander-Lust has been working great for weeks, but I noticed today that my newsfeed hasn't changed since early Monday afternoon. I checked my source code and I can see that a syndicate tag has been generated for each post, but it's not being spidered. Has anyone else noticed this problem?

Update: If you're having this problem, Rick is aware of the issue and is trying to fix it.

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Eight Glasses Today....

I managed to drink eight glasses of water today, so now Steven owes me a dollar. :-) It was kind of tough getting through those last few glasses (remember now, I never drink water unless I'm in the gym. I hate the stuff!), but I am really proud that I made my goal. My mom gave me the tip to drink through a straw and that made a big difference. It's going to be tough to keep this up, but I have faith in myself. I can do it.

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Congratulations, Joanna!

My brother instant messaged me today to tell me that his girlfriend, Joanna, was offered a job at a local school as orchestra director. Not bad - graduate on Saturday and have a job on Tuesday! Congratulations, Jo! We're all so proud of you.

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I Feel Like I'm Floating....

I'm on my seventh glass of water and I feel like I'm floating away. Steven told me yesterday that he'd give me a dime for each glass of water that I drank and, if I drank eight a day, he'd round it up to $1.00. It's kind of fun being back on a reward program like when you were a kid. :-)

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Conspiracy? I Vote Yes!

It must be a conspiracy that the week I start to try and drink eight glasses of water a day, the main water valve breaks in our office building and they set the air to sixty degrees. Between the toilet not being able to flush, the freezing cold air (which always makes me have to pee even worse), and the four glasses of water that I've drunk so far, this morning is starting to be a bit uncomfortable. Good thing I'm uncouth and don't care if that toilet flushes! ;-)

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Pretty Boy Love

Well, at least I find them both attractive (even if I did think the movie sucked)!

What's your FOTR slash pairing?

(Link courtesy of Stacy)

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This-or-That Tuesday

Time for Ashley's This-or-That Tuesday:

  • This or that?
  • This.

  • Could or should?
  • Could.

  • Want or need?
  • Want.

  • Right or left?
  • Right.

  • Up or down?
  • Up.

  • Do or don't?
  • Do.

  • Talk or listen?
  • Talk.

  • Sleep or play?
  • Sleep.

  • Highlight or underline?
  • Highlight.

  • Marry or merry?
  • Merry, but I want to marry soon!

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The Uncanny X-Men

This is really me, especially the Dark Phoenix part.

Jean Grey
I'm Jean Grey

Goodness Gracious, you're everyone's favourite do-gooder Jean Grey, also known as Phoenix. You look after your teammates, get along with everyone, have a wonderful man who loves you and have pretty much achieved perfection. But look out when you're PMSing and you become Dark Phoenix: a raging homicidal bitch with a knack for causing trouble.

What X-Men Character are You?

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Pick a Super-Hero Power

Continuing on the comic book theme, Stan Lee was asked last night what super-power he would want if he could pick one. (His was the ability to do lots of interviews.) I thought about it and I think that the best one, overall, would have to be controlling the weather like Storm in The X-Men. By controlling the weather she's able to do things (fly, move stuff, etc.) that other super-heroes have to have a whole different power to do. Looks like it's the best bang for the buck. (Of course, I've always loved Wolverine's adamantium claws...) So, what about you? What super-power would you want?

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Stan Lee - The Book

After watching Stan Lee last night on The Screen Savers, I was so impressed by the man that I want his autobiography, Excelsior : The Amazing Life of Stan Lee. His life sounds so fascinating. Anyone read the book? Is it as good as it seems it would be?

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Sunday Op-Ed

Another one of those "better late than never" posts, so here's Chris' Sunday Op-Ed.

1) Mexico
What is one of the few foreign countries I've been to (the others are Wales, Scotland, and England), but I was too young to remember it? Steven's brother Alex works down near the border and he keeps telling us we should go check it out. I would love to go to one of the coastal towns.

2) France
What is one of the many places that Steven has been to that I haven't and that I beg him to take me to all the time? We went up in the Eiffel Tower in Vegas, but I will visit Paris some day. It, Italy, and Greece are top on my list.

3) Tequila
What is something that tastes great in margaritas but I cannot fathom how people can shoot? Tequila shooters - blah!

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Eight From The Eighties

Since I didn't get to post much this weekend, here's Deb's Eight From The Eighties!

1) Do you want candy? I'm usually pretty good about not wanting candy, but if it's that time of the month, better not stand between me and some candy!

2) I wish they all could be ________ girls/boys. Tall, dark, handsome, and nice.

3) What dreams go on when you close your eyes? Usually my dreams are very violent and I kill lots of people. Lately, though, I haven't been remembering my dreams and having such vivid dreams as I usually do.

4) What takes your breath away? When we were in Vegas recently, the Fountains of Bellagio took my breath away. Sitting twenty-eight floors up, watching the fountains with Steven - they were amazing.

5) I was born in the... second biggest state in the union - Texas! I'm a rare breed, too - someone who lives in Houston who actually was born here. Most Houstonians are transplants from elsewhere.

6) Who drives you crazy? Telemarketers. I had one call me on Saturday morning at like 9:00 am. People who call me that early should die.

7) I don't know much, but I know... a billion useless facts on a myriad of strange subjects. Call me if you're going to be on Who Wants To Be a Millionaire?.

8) Where you going, what you looking for? Currently I am looking for a way to quickly pay off my big purchases and start saving for a house. Where I'll be going depends on how nice the house is. :-)

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Protect That Computer

I was watching The Screen Savers on Tech TV tonight and they had a call from a guy who needed a new firewall. That immediately made me think, "Hmmm. That brand new computer of mine could probably use one of those." I went and downloaded ZoneAlarm from Zone Labs. The Screen Savers had mentioned a website, Gibson Research Corporation, where you can test to see if they can detect your ports and test your Internet security. I came up with good results (they weren't able to access my machine's ports or breach my security). Probably not a bad idea to go run over there and check yours before something bad happens.

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Monday, May 6, 2002

The Passionate Fish

Sounds pretty accurate to me!

Find your emotion!

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God Re-Floods Middle East

The Onion is reporting that God has decided to re-flood the Middle East. God declared, "For too long, thou hast ignored the entreaties of thy Lord to let go of your wickedness and hatred and live together in peace, My children. Thou hast refused the lion to lie down with the lamb, and My rod and staff have been of no comfort to you. Instead, you have continued to kill each other without ceasing. The time has come for that to stop. You want to keep running each other over with tanks and strapping dynamite to yourselves, killing women and children in pursuit of your extremist political positions, that's just fine. Let's see how well you carry out your murderous agendas under 800 feet of water."

Be sure to read the entire article if you're looking for some tounge-in-cheek humor.

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Water, Water Everywhere

I've been saying for a while now that I need to start drinking water (seriously, I drink nothing but cokes with the occasional alcoholic drink or glass of juice thrown in). Water is so good for you, helps you lose weight, would help with my stomach problems, and I drink none of it.

Christine and I were talking and we think we have set up a system to help us drink water. For months now, I've had my Outlook set up to remind me to drink a glass of water every two hours. For the most part, I've been ignoring them. Today, on our way back from lunch, Christine said that we should be water buddies. When the little pop-up makes an appearance, we grab our glasses and high-tail it to the kitchen to get a glass of water. We're also going to get little jars with our names on them and put a penny in the jar each time we drink a glass of water or work out. We're still working on what the pennies should stand for (we need to hammer out our reward system), but I think watching the pennies grow will help motivate me to drink water. I eventually would like to extend this program to helping us eat better during lunch (our lunches really suck), but it's best to smart with small steps. Wish us luck in our quest for better health!

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Monday Mission 2.18

Here's PromoGuy's Monday Mission 2.18:

1. Do you have any tattoos? If no, why not and what would you get if you did get one. If you do have one or more, tell us how you came to get it, and why you chose the design you got inked with.
I am planning on getting one at some point, but I'm not sure if it will happen or not. I'd love to get a tattoo of a veil-tailed goldfish (long, flowing tails) and my best friend Jeanna and I actually found one in a tattoo palor on The Strand in Galveston that I think I would really like. Unfortunately, for the life of me, I can't figure out where to put it. Ankle? No, becuase I wear shorts and skirts a lot and don't want it seen. Back? Not where I want a tattoo. Arm? No, I think that's more for men. Small of the back? For other tattoos (celtic knots, Japanese characters, etc.), but not for a fish. See the dilemna?

2. Has anything ever happened that caused you to believe, or disbelieve, in a Higher Power?
When I was about fourteen I went to the United Kingdom with my aunt and uncle. We went down to Bristol for a few days and one day while we were in Bristol Cathedral, the choir boys were practicing. It was so beautiful, listening to their voices and being among such amazing architecture, that I was moved. I still believe there is a higher power, but I don't believe in the views that most religions hold.

3. Have you ever seriously considered, or even attempted, suicide?
When I was in middle school (sixth and seventh grade), I had a lot of emotional issues and was very depressed and suicidal for quite some time. Thankfully, I have passed that part of my life and am not really the worse for it.

4. Has anyone you have known committed suicide?
A girl that I was good friends with in middle school but fell out of touch with in high school killed herself after we graduated.

5. This weekend you and I are going to the nature park for a picnic. I'll bring the blanket and make all the arrangements. You pack the picnic basket. What's inside?
Sandwiches made with ham, honey turkey, and swiss cheese. Miracle whip and mustard to put on the sandwiches if you're so inclined. Cokes and Cherry Cokes to drink, an assortment of chips (Cool Ranch Doritos, French Onion Sun Chips, Funyuns, etc.), and apple pie for dessert.

6. Have you ever been mad at God for something that happened (or didn't happen)?
I was probably mad at God when my ex-fiancee and I broke up, but I can't really remember ever being mad. I'm more of the "Why me, God? Why?" person.

7. Post (or describe) an image of someone that is no longer with us. Tell us about that person.
I was thinking about my grandmother on my dad's side the other day. When I think of her I always associate her with jigsaw puzzles (she loved to do them and, once completed, would stack them on top of each other on sheets of paper), gum (she always had jars full of the kind that was square with liquid in the middle that came in blue, green, and pink), and The Houston Astros. My grandmother was the biggest Astros fan and even bought one of those huge projection tvs that had the red, green, and blue lights back in the mid-eighties just to watch Astros games on. My parents got the tv when she died and they just recently had to replace it after more than fifteen years.

BONUS: Who are you?
I am me - an interesting, eclectic mixture of emotions and personality traits. I am a damn fine person to be.

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Verisign Sucks!

I read about Verisign giving away to another person on the authority of a faked document on Friday, but with the computer situation and the busy weekend, didn't get to post about it. If you haven't heard how badly Verisign screwed Leslie Harpold go read this article and then avoid Verisign like the plague. Verisign sucks!

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The Dell Is Alive!

After spending the first part of the day at a Greek Orthodox Easter picnic, I went to my mom's house so she could network my old POS computer and The Dell. I moved files for hours, but am now at home and the computer is up and running. I haven't installed a lot of things yet, but it found the printer (now I just need printer ink), connected to RoadRunner, and I think I should have all my files. Yeah! Hopefully, regular posting will resume again now. :-)

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