The Neurotic Fishbowl

In the Fishbowl (The people and fish in my life)

The People

.: Jeanna: my best friend and identical personality twin. We’ve been friends for about five years, ever since we met at the Hell Known as Foley’s. When we worked there we would go to at least one movie a week and have seen the good (Notting Hill, The Big Lebowski), the bad (The Lord of the Rings), and the campy (Batman and Robin, Deep Blue Sea). Jeanna is also my Galveston Beach weekend buddy and the person who knows me and understands me the best. I love her completely, consider myself her minion, and would do anything for her.

.: Christine: my ex work wife and frequent lunch buddy. She’s the one who created the beautiful Matisse skin for Neurotic Fishbowl and, in a flash of brilliance and inspiration, came up with the domain name. She is a great friend and helps me with all my work-related and other anxiety.

.: Russell: my younger brother. He just graduated from Sam Houston State with a major in photography and a minor in sociology and now works at Reliant Energy building web pages. We used to fight like cats and dogs, but get along pretty good now and even hang out on the weekends. Russell is a great guy and I wouldn’t trade him for any other brother in the world.

The Fish

.: Calico Ryukin: a beautiful ryukin with one side that is mostly orange with a blue patch and another side that is mostly blue with some black. This is probably my second favorite type of fish. Take a look at his red side. Take a look at his side with the blue patch.

.: Blush Fish: a calico oranda. He is mostly white with calico markings. One side of his face has an orange patch that makes him look like he's blushing. Take a look at him.

.: Black Moor: a black moor. He is a very pretty black color with bronze undertones.

.: Pearlscale: a small pearlscale. He's so very cute and round.

.: Flame: my red beta. He's got bluish-purple fins and is really pretty. Beautiful fish.

.: Spike: my blue beta. He's got purple and red fins and is just gorgeous.

Rest In Peace: Past Inhabitants of The Neurotic Fishbowl

.: Arnold: a fantail goldfish that we had had for over three years. He was the oldest of all of our fish. He actually started out as a black and gold fish with extremely pretty black markings. He changed coloration over time and was completely gold. We were saddened by his loss greatly. Take a look at him.

.: Red Cap Oranda: a very pretty red cap with nice body shape and veil tail fins. He stopped eating on a Monday night and was dead by Tuesday morning. Poor fishy. Take a look at him.

.: Panda Moor: a beautiful black and white panda moor. His top lip is black in color, so I call him Groucho after Groucho Marx. He was probably the most striking of all of our fish. I will miss him greatly. Take a look at his mustache from the front. Take a look at him from the side.

.: Pearlscale: a tiny little fish. Pearlscales are my favorite fish. They actually look like golf balls with fins. Take a look at him.


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