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Kymberlie's 2nd Annual Karaoke Birthday Bash

Saturday was Kymberlie's 2nd Annual Karaoke Birthday Bash and I have to say I had the absolute best time of my life.

It started off with me calling Marc and asking him to be the birthday girl's driver for the evening since the birthday girl should never ever have to drive herself on her birthday.

After confirming that he would indeed be willing to drive both me and Natalie Fox (Foxy for the rest of this post since I had three Natalie/Nathalies at my birthday) for the evening I got dressed - jeans, a low cut top so I could put glitter all over my boobs, my Burberry heels, and my birthday tiara from last year. Nothing like Burberry heels, glittery boobs, and a tiara to make you feel like a pretty princess!

I had reservations for 8:00 at Farrago and I love my friends, but we they tend to run late. I couldn't believe it, but by 8:15 we already had half of the people there. From what I can remember, this is everyone that ended up at dinner: Russell, my brother; Carrie, his girlfriend, who happens to be a Rocket Power Dancer (she's Carrie M. on the first row); another Rocket Power Dancer, Nicole J.; James; Mona; Marc; Heath; Melissa Kling; Ben; Melissa Kronberger; Vivian; Thomas; Sean; Shelly; her brother, Brad; Sean (AKA Scott); Elaine; Andrea; Mary; Penny; Foxy; and, last but not least, Kendall.

Dinner was lots of fun; we all talked for hours, ate delicious food (the pepperoni pizza there is just simply to die for), drank wonderful drinks (oh, the pink lemonade martinis are so good), and I even got to open presents (including a nifty little hand-held massager, some earrings, a Sephora gift certificate, a Barnes & Noble gift certificate, a cute purse to name some of the loot). To top it all off, everyone even covered my drinks and food. Yay!

After that, most of us headed over to Sambuca and met up with more revelers including Jenny, Rod, Roger, Satyajit, Sarah, Chat, Nathalie, Natalie, and Barrett. We drank for a few more hours (and the delightful bartender Danny even bought my first drink), talked and laughed the whole time, and then most of us took off for Ben's house.

By 2:30 we had the karaoke system hooked up, the disc set up figured out, and the singing began. And, boy, did we ever sing. We sang for almost the next five hours. We sang ABBA, The Counting Crows, songs from the Grease soundtrack, Radiohead, Chuck Berry ("I'd rather drown than live without my ding-a-ling," as ad-libbed by Brad, had to be the best line of the night), George Michael, Nazareth, Barry Manilow, Tina Turner, Lou Bega, Madonna, David Allan Coe, Neil Diamond, and more. We definitely got $80 worth out of the discs I rented.

In addition to the hours of singing fun, we also had cake made by Foxy, jello shots made by Melissa Kling, and Hot Sex shots supplied by Sarah, not to mention Ben opening up his house for all of us. A lot of people put a lot of effort into making my birthday really nice and I appreciated it so very much.

As a matter of fact, standing in the kitchen doing the first of the Hot Sex shots with about twenty people toasting me, I swear, I have never felt more loved or special. Really, this whole birthday was nothing but the coolest experience of my life. You always know that your friends love and adore you, and I really feel it with the crowd I hang with, but I felt it so strongly at my party that I just about cried in the kitchen when they were toasting me. Words really can't put it into perspective.

7:15 we finally packed up the karaoke machine, Marc drove various people to either their cars or their houses, and I headed home. I drove all over Spring since the Burger King by my house was closed and I had psyched myself up for a Croissan'Wich, but finally got my breakfast (the birthday girl triumphs!). The rest of the day was spent sleeping and watching lots of television, which is really the perfect end to a twelve hour birthday party.

This was really one of the best days of my whole life and I can't wait for Kymberlie's 3rd Annual Karaoke Birthday Bash.

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Happy, happy, happy Birthday week! I'm so sorry we weren't there to celebrate with you - I promise, next year. I'll even sleep a whole bunch beforehand so I can try to keep up with all of you crazy, late-night people!

.: Christine said on March 22, 2006 10:38 PM :: link it :.

Happy late birthday! hope it was great - um shouldn't there be photos?

Hope you are well, haven't been able to get to visit with you - we need to catch up.

.: PromoGuy said on March 24, 2006 08:36 AM :: link it :.

Glad to see the blog is getting updated bi-annually ;-)


.: irfan said on March 25, 2006 11:34 AM :: link it :.

Please, give me contact address (email or msn) of this site administrator...

.: ExLabordiner said on April 13, 2007 11:59 AM :: link it :.

Hi Friends,
i am new here and i am from Canada. i love cricket and i am a big fan. Nice
to meet you all guys and hoping to learn more from this forum.

.: wedjoeldrop said on March 15, 2008 06:42 AM :: link it :.

You're too early! Come back at March 20, 2006 03:18 PM to see this post.

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