Neurotic Fishbowl: How My Winter Vacation Started Out


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How My Winter Vacation Started Out

So, it started out with me being hungover from drinking too many frozen screwdrivers at The Front Porch. I finally drag myself up and out the door to go get my eyebrows waxed for the new year and, as I'm approaching my car, I see that my driver's side window has been smashed and there is glass everywhere.

I look inside and see that the radio is still attached (I guess they couldn't figure out how to get it off) but everything in my glove compartment has been pulled out - my glove compartment where my iPod was. The iPod is, of course, gone as is my BlackBerry phone charger (WTF?) and, worst of all, my fucking cheap sunglasses that I've had for five years or so and love. See that picture of me in the banner? Those are the sunglasses that they took.

I filed a police report, mentioning that there's actually blood in the car on the door, the radio, and on the trunk (yeah, they looked through there too), but the cops never even came outside to look at my car, which sort of pissed me off. I get that it's a small crime, but shouldn't they do something about it?

So, now I need to get the window replaced (1:30 appointment today to do so), buy a new iPod and FM transmitter, and find a new fucking pair of sunglasses which will be impossible since I can never find sunglasses dark enough. I'm guessing that will cost about $600. Bah. Maybe Christine's idea of a new iPod fund for me will take off or something. The timing on this sucks even worse since I got hit by some lady a few weeks ago and have a $375 estimate on the work. Yay for needing to spend like $1,000 on my car. :-P

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